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If you could play any character in a musical who would it be?

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    (Original post by swiss.tony)
    Javert from Les Misérables. Or perhaps Enjolras
    Rectification. On second thoughts, playing Juan Peron or Che in Evita would actually be a lot more fun.
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    hmmm tough one.

    I'd have to say Belle from Beauty and the Beast (i love that musical) or Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady. My drama group reckons I'd make a good Ado Annie from Oklahoma though
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    (Original post by swiss.tony)
    Rectification. On second thoughts, playing Juan Peron or Che in Evita would actually be a lot more fun.
    Actually, yes, playing Che in Evita would be fantastic.
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    Eponine from Les Miserables, probably the only one I can pass off as...
    I'd love to be Roxie from Chicago
    I agree with Aeana, Ado Annie from Oklahoma would be fun to play.
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    Easily, Florence Vassy in Chess.
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    Nobody, since I cant sing.
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    If I can get a sex change, acting talent and comic timing, I'd love to play the dentist from Little Shop of horrors. Would be such a laugh
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    Javert from Les Miserables, 2 of the most amazing male solos ever written. (and the two best solos in a non-Webber musical)
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    maybe riff or tony in West Side Story, went to see that the other night, its actually really cool
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    Hmm, tough one. I'm with the people who say Eponine in Les Mis- such an amazing part with the best song! Also, Rusty from Footloose just because of Let's Hear It For The Boy... Also, I just wish I had the voice to play Nala or Rafiki from The Lion King... Absolutely amazing parts! Nala's song (Shadowlands) is so beautiful...

    Also, definitely agree with Satine from Moulin Rouge! (Especially if Ewan McGregor was my Christian!)
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    Lol, Eponine is so the typical teenage girl part
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    Roxie Hart From Chicago
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