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What film is this?

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    (Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo)
    ^ Yeah, wrong forum. :rolleyes:
    You've got to be pHUx0R1n9 kidding me!
    Power crazy mods. It's only the internets.
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    (Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo)
    It's about 2 lesbians in a summer.

    One rich - lives in a big country house and plays the cello very well. I think there's a scene where she plays Bach's cello suite.

    One poor/working class - her parents own/owned (think they might be dead??) a pub, which her crazy religious brother turns into a prayer centre or something.

    That's all I remember, it's a British film, I can't even remember what happened in it. Any ideas?
    My Summer of Love. Almost definitely

    Seen it too

    I'm fairly embarassed by that one.. :o:
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    One night in Paris?
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    (Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo)
    ^ Yeah, wrong forum. :rolleyes:
    I assume you got points? :woo: Mental :no:


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Updated: April 28, 2010
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