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nurofen and alcohol

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    Hm..well I have had a headache all day so have just taken 2 nurofen..however, it's my boyfriends 21st tonight, which means I will be drinking.

    How safe is this? taking into account that I've only had 2 nurofen at half 4, and wont be drinking until around 9pm.

    Sorry, I'm being a bit paranoid!
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    Perfectly fine.
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    I've done it plenty of times before and i'm not dead yet. Tis probably not the best idea though.
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    You'll be fine, just don't take any tonight washed down with alcohol. If you are worried, switch to water or juice for a while to give your poor liver a rest
    Have fun tonight
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    I've done it plenty of times. You'll be fine :bigsmile:
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    I took anti-flu tablets before doing shots a few weeks back and I felt like I was tripping out for a bit. Still alive though so I'm guessing its okay.
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    You'll be fine. Taking aspirin in close proximity to alcohol can cause some stomach problems, but AFAIK Nureofen's classic painkillers are simply ibuprofen.


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