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Is it worth getting a tablet for university?

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    I won't really be able to carry my laptop around campus as it's quite large and heavy. If I get bored during breaks and things, I could use it, is it worth it?
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    I bought an iPad to use in classes, as my hand seizes up when writing notes and I found it easier to type stuff out on a tablet. I would definitely recommend it if you want to have something easier to carry around - it's also great if you want less print-outs. I studied historical studies and there was a lot of reading, and instead of printing out 100+ sheets a week, I just loaded them all onto a PDF app and annotated them on there.

    Ask your lecturers if it's okay to use them in classes, however, as I once was called up by a lecturer because she thought I was playing games on it until I explained that I was typing my notes.

    Yeah. Never used one personally; had a netbook to use for the same instance... but turned out I could never be arsed to write any notes.
    It will get some good use through the 3 years. I'd go for it.

    I got a refurbished Ipad just before starting my third year at uni, and I found it became invaluable to me with regards to note taking and organisation. Some of the apps are very handy, like Dropbox, allowing you to sync notes between a plethora of devices. I would recommend it if you can't manage taking your laptop.

    Oh, it was also incredibly useful for me as an alternative to bringing books to class (I studied philosophy, so most of my prescribed texts were available in PDF format over the internet just a quick google search away, and this meant I hardly needed to being anything to classes other than the ipad)


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Updated: August 13, 2014
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