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Rate My Professors

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    Searched for British professors with the surname Smith.

    Result: 16. Suffice to say, I agree with you that nobody here uses it, nobody in the entire country under any of my lecturers' names.

    Could only find one and that was because he'd once taught in San Francisco.

    (Original post by Cactus_Man)
    You guys should start using/recommending it. Add your lecturers (everything is based on user input; site admins don't add teachers to the list) and rate/review them. If you spread the word, it can probably go viral kind of quickly, and you'll be glad you did.

    Since you guys don't use that site, how do you figure out which professors to go/for avoid? Do you just do it the old-fashioned way where you ask around? I hate that way because I can never find anybody in person who knows about the professors I'm interested in, and of course it takes much longer than simply looking them up.
    What do you mean?

    For me it is a case of 'like it or lump it'.
    You don't get a choice of professor...

    'Rating' lecturers behind their backs and posting your opinions of them on the internet? Seems pretty horrible to me. I really don't see why anyone would need to use this - surely you pick your courses based on what you are interested in, not on what you think of the lecturer?

    What's the point. You can't really pick lecturers.

    You usually have to do specific modules.

    If you do get a choice of modules, you choose the module of interest not the professor.

    It is rare to find liberal arts programs/majors/minors in the UK.

    These types of site do not give feedback as you put it, but usually unprofessional slurs against academics.

    Generally you don't have one professor teaching a module in the UK aswell. For instance one of my modules this year I've just completed was 'Europe Since 1890', which I had about 7/8 lecturers for. Each lecturer taught a lecture based on their particular area of expertise.

    Thus it'd be impossible to choose a single lecturer for a good deal of modules. It's only highly specialised modules where you might get one lecturer, an example of this would be 'The British Experience in World War One' which is something I've applied to do next year; and that'd be just one lecturer, one time slot. Then you'd probably have 3/4 graduate students teaching seminars under that lecturer. You wouldn't have two time slots and two concurrent streams teaching the same thing though.

    I don't really like the idea of this.:erm: Gossiping about tutors with people in the year above or below you is one thing, but assembling all that gossip about how good or bad they supposedly are in one place and putting it up on a website for everybody to read is quite another.

    Most of the time, I personally find majority students are quite honest and fair when they talk about lecturers/tutors/professors.

    As far as I am concerned, the UK universities (unlike US universities), you don't really get to choose a lecturer with a certain module - but I still think "RateMyProfessor" can be a good source to get an idea about lecturers. I personally would go and consider opinions about lecturers in "RateMyProfessor" when I choose which selective module to take.

    With my experience, there were academically challenging but good lecturers with passion but also simply not good quality lecturers: who cannot communicate with students in English, who is late for lecture or cancel the lecture without any explanation or re-scheduling...etc. I personally think these are quite critical information for any students who take study seriously.

    Anyway, I tried to use the website for my university - but not many lecturers are on the list. I tried to add professors a couple of days ago... but it seems the professors I tried to listed are not added on the list.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to add professors?


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