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What types of music do British people listen to?

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    What types of music do Britsh people listen to? What can I expect to hear on radio stations and so on? What songs are popular now?
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/ :dontknow: Depends what you want to listen to, you can find pretty much anything
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    lol good music?
    Youll expect to here the top40 songs or just the all time hits

    unless its like XFM where its more specialised to an Indie audience...

    And atm...B.o.B.-Nothin on you
    Candy -aggro
    Jason derulo, the list goes on with generic pop in the top charts
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    BBC Radio 1 has all the rubbish that we're told to like, but will forget about next year.
    BBC Radio 2 has all the stuff people used to like and ALWAYS WILL like (plus some of the better newer music)
    BBC Radio 3 has classical n shizzle. Good for revising to.
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    All types of music.
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    (Original post by aprilterri)
    All types there are hundreds of radio stations playing all types of music and lots of people I know listen to lots of different genres.
    I see your trini if you wanna hear soca the choice fm 107.1 and/or 96.9fm on a sunday evening plus other smaller stations will play soca.
    Most play a mixture of r n b, pop, indie etc... Whatever is in the charts at the time. If you wanna hear a particular type you just filck through them.
    Here is a link to the current uk charts.
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    Different people listen to different things
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    (Original post by All Black Everything)
    Different people listen to different things
    what do you listen to? lol
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    everyone has their own choice
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    by law everyone in Britain must listen to at least one Peter Andre song a day. get used to hearing about mysterious girls, otherwise you'll be driven to insania...
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    The Wurzles... obviously....
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    Well, what type of music is popular where you live?
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    (Original post by Kash:))
    Well, what type of music is popular where you live?
    soca, dancehall, rap, R&B
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    Pretty much whatever they're interested in. There are loads of radio stations
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    ... It's a pretty globalised world, there'll be pretty much all types of music here - and if you can't find a radio station you like, there's always the internet (to listen to radio on).

    It's really not that different from anywhere else.
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    Most of the chart is rubbish. Anything that is liked by mass british public you should try and stay away from.
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    (Original post by mau5)
    Most of the chart is rubbish. Anything that is liked by mass british public you should try and stay away from.
    really? lol ok then
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    (Original post by rj1990)
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    the beatles :top:


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