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Are You Failing your PGCE/GTP?

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    I have been recommended to fail my PGCE and so have an external examiner coming in - i was wondering if i can do a gtp or go into teaching having failed (it looks this way).

    I am going through the appeal processes as i might have a case as the mentors were not supportive in providing me the opportunity to pass.

    But was wondering if i fail, can i get into teaching.

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    you're probably better off asking this on the TES forum~
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    You have been recommended to fail... what type of teaching are you getting.
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    Definitely ask this on the TES forum.
    Usually if you fail or drop out of a PGCE/GTP it is almost impossible to get on with a different provider.

    (make sure you check but) I don't think you can teach without passing the PGCE. I am sure you need a postgraduate certificate; to meet the QTS standards and to pass the skills tests. If you failled then you would not have met this criteria.

    Hmmm but some GTP courses don't provide a PGCE certificate at the end and QTS is the requirement to teach....?
    What part are you failing?

    Good luck with the appeal x
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    There are other ways of getting into teaching (pgce, FTP, scitt, rtp) but I'm
    not sure what the deal is with failing... You can sometimes retake a placement however
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    If you really wanted to teach then not all independent schools require you to have a teaching qualification. I'm not saying it is the best way (at all!) but it is A way. However, you obviously would still have to meet the standards of individual schools and they may not look favourably on you failing your PGCE.
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    If you don't mind me asking, what aspect are you failing on? The written tasks? Or in your placement?
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    I have had the external examiner come in - there were three observers including the examiner. Two written feedbacks in my favour, and one (external) not saying anything nice about the lesson.

    Everything has become formal now, everything is being said in writing and the university have refused a meeting with the unions.

    I was failing on the teaching practise side of things. Even though the contrary is true and i have evidence to show im a good teacher.

    The only thing i can see coming from this is the uni not budging on their decision as the external is in the uni's favour, even if the two other observers are happy with the lesson.

    Over to u guys, thanks
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    Can you retake the placement? We get one more retake if we want to take it

    It would be very disheartening tho...
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    you really should ask about this on the TES forum.
    There are more teacher's there who can help you and will know what they are talking about~
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    I am also on my way to fail the PGCE.

    I was ok till a Proffesssional Tuor at the uni said thier is no point me even trying to teach becasue i am not cut out for it.

    Then my motivation just went out of the window.

    The uni have called me in for a standards assessment and interview to make their decision.

    However they are failing many students at the moment so i am sure i am in the line to.

    I was wondering does anyone know what these interviews are about..what will they say and do.
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    Sorry to hear that You can repeat a placement if necessary (which our tutors told us about) and you would get more support for that placement from the uni/school
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    I find it slighty shocking how people can get throught the initial interview process to get a place on a PGCE course and then go on to fail.

    I can understand some fails but being told there is no point in you even trying to teach?! Surely they should have filtered that out at interview, or are they just after the money?!
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    Hi, I'm in dilemma... can anyone advise...
    Basically I'm failing to meet the standards, as I've been off ill and had a little tough time adapting from the beginning... I've had an observation today and that was ok and the last observation I've past. However, because I was ill etc earlier on... I was falling behind, and my tutor has sent me back to observations to help boost my confidence etc. However, although observations of the teacher are good for me to learn and improve, I need more practise to fulfill the standards as time is running out. However the teacher will not let me take over the class now. The past few days have been bad, felt I hit rock bottom... I feel like I'm a different person now, very different from when I first started, feel like a failed teacher. I haven't yet failed, however... after my observation today, based on not my observation of the lesson today, but on my general everything in the practise, my mentor spoke to my tutor, who advise for me to defer, however where I am, there's no such thing as a deferral, and I told my mentor that, but she does not believe it and she said I will fail if I continue... I have a month left on this placement... but cannot return to the school because my school mentor is adamant I shouldn't carry on as I have strong chance of failure, however it goes against the policy that if there is a cause for concern, a second tutor visit is required then a final report. Now if I don't go in again into the school, it will constitute failure of the placement with no opportunity for retrieval, and if I do... I will be going against what my mentor said... that as far as she's concerned... my placement is finished

    can anyone out there help me???
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    You definitely need to arrange to talk to your uni tutor. It should be possible to retake your placement at a later date, but only if you have the unis permission and not just leave now on your own accord
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    Hello guys can someone out there please please please help me. If you fail 2 placements is there a possibility you can re take the pgce year again at the same uni? I am having a lot of trouble with the uni. I received NO support what so ever and I have a meeting on Thursday to discuss situation with the course leader. Can someone please please please help me? Thanks
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