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What are the BEST SMALL FESTIVALS in the uk?

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    (Original post by liftupyourwearyhead!)
    fyi latitude goers:

    belle and sebastian's set is going to be with the london contemporary orchestra.

    yes, that's right, the headliners of the summer are doing an amazing special show. if you see the xx instead you're a FOOL goddamnit.
    I'm not going to Latitude but I'm going to see Belle and Seb in Stockholm in August, hope they're just as good there, can't wait!
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    (Original post by pixiebot)
    AGREED! absolutely loved it this year!:woo:
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    (Original post by Tom Herne)
    AGREED! absolutely loved it this year!:woo:
    I thought this ear wasn't to great to be honest, full of dickish private school kids taking whatever they could get their hands on. Sound in most tents was awful as well.
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    For me latitude moved past being a small festival this year. They let more people in, headliners were much more radio 1 friendly (Flo, Vampire Weekend, The xx) and for the first time in 3 years i heard people shouting "buttscratcher" (very much the moment when a festival jumps the metaphorical shark).
    I still had a great time and the line-up was strong but it was a different experience to 08 and 09.
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    Secret Garden Party for sure

    Went this year and it was amazing. However they are considering not having it this year due to the number of idiots who got in this year
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    Solfest is in cumbria and has been the highlight of my summer for the past 3 years tbf.
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    I'm liking the look of Underhill near Bristol this year.

    Tickets are about £50, think they're announcing their headliners in a few days.

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    This year, I am hoping to go to Offset again or 2000 Trees, depending on what the Offset lineup is.
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    The Trip Festival at The Vaynol Estate near Bangor will be amazing. The best location in the country and a fantastic line up. Cheap too. Check it out...

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    Tramlines Festival in Sheffield. It's free!

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    wireless is only £55 i think, and BEP are headlining? good times, i went to T4 last year which was £40ish, that was quite good, bit more poppy though? sessions stage is good cause its more its where the less known bands are. like last year there was plan b, example, skepta, tinchy strider it was quality!
    Jessie J's there this year and she is AMAZING.
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    Slam Dunk, Hub, Hevy
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    If you live in London go to Field day, not a festival as such, but brilliant.
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    I've been to truck fest and it's very good. Pretty great line-ups for a small festival and a really good atmosphere. People are nice there. That's what I really like about small festivals like Truck, it's much easier to have fun. You can walk around without getting lost in massive queues, everything you want to buy is much, much cheaper (beer and food, and most other things too!) and it's easier to get to the front for bands you want to see even if you turn up late

    There's another great small festival near to London called LeeFest - http://www.wikifestivals.com/wiki/leefest - that's really good too. Cheap as chips, great atmosphere and another great line up. No huge stadium acts, but that's not really my kind of thing anyway!
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    Cornbury! It is the most incredible festival, great bands, food, drink and atmosphere, which is focused on public manner! I am playing at it this year, come along!
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    Bingley Music Live near Leeds/Bradford. 3 nights of music - the first is free and it's £35 for the other 2. Already confirmed this year are Feeder, Maximo Park, Chase & Status, the Fun Lovin' Criminals and Wretch32. Bargain for the price!

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    I don't have the money to go to any big festivals, but a do have a lil to play with so I was eyeing up Farr Festival, its only 35 mins on the train from me in london and its the music I like but in a small venue, I read about it here:


    I quite like that its in the woods.
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    Rockness! Good lineup this year too
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    (Original post by ccmigliano)
    Hi, I wanna go to a small festival this year, one thats cheap and small with decent music, where you can just relax. Anyone know any? I was looking at the HOP FARM festival but its still quite dear.
    Redfest in Rehhill. £45. Got Ed Sheeran playing this year amongst others. And the atmosphere is great .
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    End of the Road Festival is pretty expensive but is very intimate with a capacity of only 5000 and has easily the best line-up of any outdoor festival in the UK this year. The atmosphere and the location (Larmer Tree Gardens on the Dorset/Wiltshire border) are great too


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