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Oxford Brookes... is it any good?

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    It's one of the few unis that offer a course in Japanese and for some reason my mum is encouraging me to apply there, even though to me it looks like it's not as good as the others (SOAS, Sheffield etc). Is it well regarded?
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    If you go to Oxford Brookes and someone ask where did you go to uni, you get to say Oxford since it's based in Oxford, lol. The course itself seems ok but not very useful. Personally I would pick another course and learn a language in my own time.
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    I think it depends what you go for, I know someone who did nursing there and it's meant to be really good for that.

    Be prepared for people to be snobby about it on here though!
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    Its not amazing no. But if you really want that course then I would recommend doing it as a non-degree course at a local college etc. Far cheaper.

    Or learn it as part of another course. Perhaps a dual language course, with Japanese as ab initio.
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    go to an open day and judge for yourself. I wasnt sure about Brookes before but after going to an open day, I fell in love with it
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    (Original post by ibelongtoslytherin)
    go to an open day and judge for yourself. I wasnt sure about Brookes before but after going to an open day, I fell in love with it
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    i love it It's amazing for the course i want to do so the fact that it's not regarded that highly for other courses doesn't matter. It's the degree you end up with that counts not what others think of you when you're there. Just because it's not so good as a whole it doesn't mean you're not, i'm goping because i love it not because it's the only place i can go to! Definately go on an open day and judge for yourself! Good luck
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    As said above - go to an open day. I am studying Japanese with Politics at brookes and the atmosphere at brookes felt nothing like SOAS, Sheffield, etc. I applied to them all and came away with the best feeling and passion from brookes. The Japanese department is very close-knit and they are constantly trying to improve their system.
    SOAS is tiny and if you're looking to get any grasp of the culture you won't get it there, especially when studying a combined degree like i am. Brookes has lecturers that are experts in Japanese culture and some of the best in their field.
    Just my opinion though.
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    I think the general feeling about Brookes is once you get there, you'll know that it's the place for you. The feeling can't be placed properly into a booklet. I'd go visit them.
    But I have friends doing combined Japanese degrees (with music mostly) and they LOVE it.


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