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Arsenie Boca, a modern prophet in Orthodox Church established by Jesus in year 33

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    What people say about father Arsenie:
    "Father Arsenie Boca, the new beginning:

    There was in the summer of 1989 when Father Arsenie asked somebody. a neighbor in a village to make for himself a cross. And Father told him to write down the birth year but also the year of new beginning, the year of death . He told him, write on the cross 1989. But Father Arsenie was healthy, in force. And my neighbor said, Father, you don't want to stay with us in year 1990 ? Not one hour said Father directly. And it was like that and in November 1989 he died. He knew his death before hand as he knew the hour of death for so many people, and how he knew for so many people what was in store for their future. He died like a Saint. I'm going but where I am going I can help you more, he said.
    It was between Fall and Winter when he died, in a Tuesday, 28November 1989 at Sinaia, on the day of Saint Stephen the New. He died in a small house where nuns from Prislop monastery were living.For several days the death of Father Arsenie was kept in secret and people decided to bury him at Prislop monastery, near Hateg. When I found out that Father died, it was Sunday now, and next day he was to be buried.I was working in Fagaras at Combinat as electrician. I did not go home, I put myself ina train , then with a bus, with some ocasions I kept going all night.Prislop monastery is far away from here.I arrived only Monday morning when Liturgy celebration started. Even if there was a sea of people I approached the casket. He looked like he was just sleeping.I bend and with tears in my eyes I kissed his right arm.Then was first time a touched him and to me he looked like living. Many people had the same feeling. Everybody was saying that Father is just sleeping and everybody was waiting for him to wake up and to speak with love as he did always.
    And there was not a long time after Father Arsenie went to the new life that , when I was again at Prislop some nunst stop me . Brother, the nuns said, do you know who is defending Father Arsenie sepulcher at night? I can not know I said. Two deers. How is that? Every night 2 deers come and sleep on his sepulcher, like trying to warm him. And when we came the deers go, and then they come back. All the winter of 1989-1990 the two deers defended the sepulcher of Father Arsenie like two angels, in peace.

    The true beginning, the revelation on Mount Athos:

    Everything I am telling you I know as I say it, I know this from his close people because I am too young to know these. I always asked how did Father Arsenie had the gifts from God , this godly force to do so many miracles?This is what I found out. In 1937-1938 , Metropolitan Balan of Transylvania asked the young Zianu Boca, son of peasants from Apuseni Mountains to become monk. And he made him monk at Sambata monastery and named him Arseny. And soon after that , in 1939 the metropolitan asked Father Arseny at only 29 years , the monk with eyes of fire, like angels, to Mount Athos to learn. And Father was there At Romanian monastery Prodomu , an old and beautiful monastery .Staretz was Father Antipa Dinescu, a monk with great force. And there on Mount Athos a miracle took place , like a great light that changed his entire life .Because of modesty , Father did not speak about what happen to him , in 1939, at Holy mountain. So in the Holy Mountain he prayed to Jesus , in a deep forest . He prayed and prayed for a spiritual Father to help him go on the hard path of salvation. But Jesus din not respond. The Father Arsenie started praying even more powerful to Holy Mother of God. And, after a time, as Father said, Holy Mother of God came from clouds to him and took him on his hand and put him on a Mountain so high that you could not even look down.And there , on the top of this Mountain , Holy Mother of God let him to learn from a Saint that lived 200 to 300 years before, Saint Seraphim of Sarov. Then Holy Mother of God disappeared in skies as she appeared. And for 40 days he learned from Saint Seraphim of Sarov , going on the Mountain. And for 40 days Father Arsenie fasted continuously with help from Holy Mother of God. And after one year he came back to Romania but he was another man. He was a true prophet and his great power that only if you looked at him you would start shacking. And he knew all your thoughts , your name without even knowing you and everything you did good or bad he knew and you could not hide from him.This is how Father Arsenie changed and how our life changed too.

    Signs and miracles at Sambata monastery

    There are many miracles that Father did at Sambata monastery and everybody knows them. He could speak with animals and many people saw him speaking with wolves and bears. He said, they listen to me, you don't. Even after him dying he said that he is going to help us more than he did while living. 15 years from his death the miracles are happening. They become more common. For example possessed people become cured. Two three years ago a possessed woman was brought to Father Arsenie sepulcher and when they bring her near she started shouting I don't want at Arseny, I don't want at Arseny. Then they put the icon of Father, i can not say picture , and the possessed woman started shouting to take it from her head since is burning her. And then , after a time she become happy, calm after so many years and her parents were happy again and everybody started crossing them self.
    When I leaved, Gheorghe gave me a picture , an icon of Father Arseny the Saint with eyes of fire. It has a great power he said. I brought it at Prislop , where in winter and in summer, flowers are blooming."

    Today, more than 20 years after his death, at several occasions , cars are coming making a chain of 20 km so people have to go on foot for about 3 hours to visit his sepulcher and even today many miracles do happen at his sepulcher.

    The Sepulcher were flowers never die, blooming even in winter:
    Edit your post:
    Luther, White and others could not give food for eternal life to their organizations they called Churches, established in year 1500+, neither the gift of Prophecy. In Church established by Jesus, Orthodox Church , these gifts flourished.

    People loving Jesus should come not to the organizations established by people in year 1500+ and named Churches, they should come to Church established by Jesus in year 33, Orthodox Church.All the Churches you read about in Bible but Church of Rome are today Orthodox Christian Churches. Church of Jerusalem, Corinth, Antioch, Ephesus are today Orthodox Christian Churches.
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    Never before have I been so tempted to use the phrase

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    I thought the Orthodox Christian Church was established by Simon Peter himself - according to the Apostolic Fathers, of course.
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    (Original post by Martyn*)
    I thought the Orthodox Christian Church was established by Simon Peter himself - according to the Apostolic Fathers, of course.
    It was part of the Catholic Church, established by Christ Himself, until it broke away in the 11th century because of a disagreement over the 'filoque' clause in the Nicene Creed.

    There still remain however, many of the Orthodox churches that are in communion with the See of Rome.
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    The Church established in year 33 is the Church of Jerusalem , that belongs today to Orthodox Church. All the Churches you read about in Bible but Church of Rome are today Orthodox Christian Churches. Church of Jerusalem, Corinth, Antioch, Ephesus are today Orthodox Christian Churches. For 1000 years Catholics were orthodox, from 1000 there were inventions in Catholicism like Filioloque and they became Catholics.
    It's not so important what people believe, is important what God believes. All YEARLY miracles of Early Church are today in Orthodox Church, so if I'm allowed, I believe that for God Catholic Church split away.

    All important moments in Bible for almost 2000 years are pointed by miracles that today happen YEARLY in Orthodox Christianity.
    1.The most important moment in Bible is Jesus resurrection proving him to be God and having power over death. The history say that Apostle Peter coming to the Holy Sepulcher and that he found a Light there. Over the Holy Sepulcher, the cave where Jesus body lied for some days a Church was built and in this Church , Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem, in the celebration of Jesus resurrection on Orthodox Easter sometime different of Protestant Easter date the, a miracle happens year by year, Holy Light is coming from the sky on the ceremony done by Patriarch of Jerusalem, Leader of First Church in the World. On one year Armenians asked the political leader to move orthodox people outside the Church, at that time Protestantism and the debates of today didn't exists, and the political leader agreed but said if the Holy Light will not come to you you need to eat some smelly things. So the Holy Light come to Orthodox Christians .This is history of Holy Light:
    This is a movie about Holy Light in around 2000 and the priest on my Church saw it in reality and you can see it too.In the movie you can see Holy Light under middle gate in this:
    YouTube - Holy light - Άγιο Φως
    2.When Jesus was baptized Jordan river moved backward to show that nature listens to God. Every year on Orthodox date of Jesus baptism when the Patriarch of First Church in the World does a ceremony, Jordan river moves backward from the time the Patriarch throws the cross in the water to the time cross is taken outside the water. Here is the movie and you can see water moving one direction and then cross moving the other way:
    YouTube - Holy Land's Miracle: the River Jordan Reversed its Flow!
    3.On Orthodox Date of Transfiguration a cloud comes to Mount Tabor. It is believed that Holy Spirit is the cloud coming YEARLY on Mount Tabor.
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    May God bless you, Arekkusu.
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    May God bless you, Martyn and yawn.
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    People wanting to get a glimpse of mystical power of Orthodox Christianity can read this book: The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios
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    After coming from Athos, while he was painting an icon of Jesus, Father Arseny heard a voice, Arseny, don't paint me on icon, because time is close, go and paint in the hearts of people.

    This is the place where Father Arsenie Boca prayed at night:
    This is what a monk that knew Father Arsenie Boca said :
    Did you remember an advice Father Arsenie gave to everybody?

    The Father saw that people loved him . He say to everybody:"You came after help and you're waiting for me to save you. I can not do that. I can wake you up from sin. This life is short.The other is eternal and I don't want you crying when judgement takes place. Many times Father did not allow people to kiss his hand. However to some he allowed that. I asked why some people were allowed to kiss Father Arsenie hand and others not? He said, the peoplke trha kiss my hand see me for the last time. theye were people that fought communism and people that died in mountains or in prison .

    Did you see FatherArsenie nervous?

    No, he was calm like great praying people. When you were guilty he was looking at you and you would understand you could not hide anything.

    Was he about authority or love?

    Love you could see in him if you would be able to know him. He was like the people kissing their sons in sleep. When you were wrong he did not punish yourself, he did not scream, but he was looking at you in a certain way. When you were supposed to be praised he just looked at you and you would know.

    Did you see him crying?

    Yes, I saw him crying when praying. Once I saw him with tears in his face. Then when he served at altar I saw him crying.He was crying for sins of people He was upset people were not willing to comr to the righteousness and go from God.

    The Father is considered a saint by Transylvanian people. Why do people love him?

    Because he did many good deeds. He took the people from darkness.He learned the people to live righteous. The people felt his love. He was a good seed and he brings fruits even today.

    Was he speaking directly or in parables?

    He was speaking directly. For many times he was speaking in public about people's sins so others would learn about them but about mysteries he was speaking in parables.After Holy Liturgy many came into Church and people were listening.

    A woman said, Father is not going good with me at all. he said, I know and you know. remember the unborn children that you killed. (BTW abortion can be forgiven thorugh confession). Once a boy and a girl came to ask his blessing to become married.He opposed them telling them that they are brothers and they'll have many problems. They did not believe him and become married and had 3 children, one with hearing and speaking loss and two under the influence of devil.

    How was he at confessions?

    He had great patience. He did not accept everybody at confession and he did not give cannons. because he knew you could do the cannon formally and to think to sin again. And he knew if you'll not get cannon you''l pray more and will be able to avoid sin.

    Were there people in doubt about father Arsenie?

    There was a peasant that swear to people going to Father Arsenie and his mouth become sick. he could not open his mouth even to drink water. people took him and brought him to Monastery. father Arsenie came and asked him: What did Father Arsenie did to you? Open your mouth and speak. The man started speaking and he wento kneeling and crying for what he said.

    There is a miracle done By God through father Arsenie Boca after his death.
    For how long were you near father Arsenie Boca?

    Not a long time because they arrested him. Then they aresyed myself and another 5 monks because we did not want to leave monstaery and we were considered mystical agitators.

    How was Father Arsenie arrested.?

    In one day five people from Security and one chief procurator came. he knew that they will come . When they arrived there Father Arsenie came and told them:"I know why you did come, but go home since once people see you're taking me , will throw rocks at yourself. I'll come tomorrow alone. They listened and left.

    Were they afraid of him?

    Maybe not. They were afraid of people revolt, because there were at beginning of terror in 1948, when they did not know how people would react and people heard about partisans in Mountains. Father knew about partisans and many came to his confession. Maybe they were afraid of partisans.

    Did you see FAther Arsenie later?

    Yes, I saw him until the end. After he came out of prison he was under protection of Patriarch Justinian. He was painting at the Nuns Monastery and there I saw him after prison. He told me, go in Fagaras and speak badly about me.If you don't do that, I won't receive you. I asked him what to say and he said, you know what to say. He wanted to say everybody knows how to speak other people badly. I did not do that.

    What did he said next time when yous aw him? He was painting and he said "Did I not tell you not to come back if you don't speak badly about me? I said, if I would speak badly about you, people would get angry.

    Why did he gave yourself this ?

    Maybe because he wanted to see what people feel or maybe to see if I have the right discernment.

    Did you witness a miracle?

    There are many not one. I can not tell all of them since people would not understand. he said once You come to me, I give you advice but you're waiting for miracles. I will help you more after my death. He was right. I felt his help after he died. I lived a miracle three years ago. I was to his sepulcher at Parastas . I wasn't before so I said to go and serve until I will not die. There was beautiful. At 4 pm we went back to Bucharest, with somebody, only me and driver. But I felt that all the way somebody was with me on back place. And I tell you the truth, the car did not come to Barcanesti on street.

    How so?

    We were floating and we arrived back in three hour compared with eight when we went there. I was looking to the man driving asking myself if he was sleping going on red stops. He said nothing, me the same. We were afraid to talk.When we arrived near Monastery we felt the car touching the street and we heared teh car starting to go normally. And the driver said. Our car is moving on street again. I asked him. What did you felt? he said. I felt somebody on back side and nothing else. However I did not drive here and the car went alone. Then we HEARED A VOICE IN BACK SEAT. I came with you until here. When we turned back, nobody was there.

    Did you tell this story to somebody else?

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    Never heard of him. And dude, you can't just copy and paste stuff and make a thread out of it! tl;dr!
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    Who doesn't want to hear about Food for eternal life and prophets, it's his choice. Some other people may like knowing where to get the "ever after" from happily ever after.
    Some people may like to know where the Tree of Eternal life is on Earth. It's in Orthodox Church and every Sunday, people can take food for eternal life.

    Here is an angel appearing when a woman takes food for eternal life at an orthodox Church:
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    You mean... Communion?

    Why Orthodox, exactly? :holmes:
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    Very good question. Why Orthodox Church?

    Jesus that is Word of God brought to Earth several very important things like baptism to become Children of God, Food for eternal life and confession for erasing sins.

    Let's stop today at food for eternal life.

    So basically Islam, hinduism, yoga, budhism, rei ki, tai ki and so on don't claim they give food for eternal life, having maybe no solution to the problems inherited from Adam and Eve .

    So we have Christianity.

    Protestants have these problems. Some renounced altogether to the food for eternal life. Some replaced food for eternal life with a simple meal. If you look at the documents of Early Church Food for eternal life are obtained on the time of Holy Liturgy . Some organizations like to play stupid like they say we don't know what Christians did on Sundays. Well let me tell them what Christians did on Sundays with Liturgy of Apostle and Evangelist Mark or Liturgy of Apostle Peter or Liturgy of Apostle James . These Liturgies are most powerfull prayer brought by Jesus and these Liturgies make available the FOOD FOR ETERNAL LIFE .
    Protestants may have renounced to this Liturgy or have replaced Liturgy with something else . So, the sick angel screamed when food for eternal life was accessible to people and he made organizations he called religions and Churches without Food for eternal life.

    Catholicism started inventing. The had the Liturgies of Apostles , very clear but they started inventing.
    Several inventions are these:
    Leavened bread was replaced with unleavened bread or New Bread was replaced with Old bread. Even if in Old Testament was saying about new bread, that is leavened they come back to Old Bread. Even if Apostles did Holy Communion from both wine and bread Catholicism changed that with a wafer, with juice, and God knows with what. Even if there were a number of prayers that needed to be said, Catholicism took out one, then two then many.

    So if apostles said, you do A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I to get Food for eternal life Catholics did A and C and changed D and E and jumped over F, and did G and H. Do you get food for eternal life at the end of this? God knows.
    So if you like playing dice with Food for eternal life, Catholicism is an option.

    So if apostles said, you do A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I to get Food for eternal life Protestants said we do nothing, WE DO WORDS or we replace A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I with W from Words or with N from NOTHING or M from a simple meal in remembrance or much bigger jumps around and INVENTIONS than Catholics.

    If you really like Ever After from happily ever after then you need to come to Orthodox Christianity. So if apostles said, you do A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I to get Food for eternal life orthodox do A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I to get Food for eternal life .
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    This is why you see angels and saints in Orthodox Church, Church established by Jesus that follows Jesus teachings . If you don't believe me, say this prayer: Dear God please force me to salvation and please show me entire truth about religions. May God bless you.
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    Yeah buddy, but even the bible (like the Quran) teaches that we are not to be held responsible for what father Adam & mother Eve did...

    Need evidence? read Chapter 18... when it says: "The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he hath committed, and keep all my statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not die."

    Maybe this will find its way to your heart! Ameen
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    So why do you die, why women give birth in pain and why do you need to work? And of course, why you're not in the Garden of Eden?
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    we have to die because this life isn't eternal! the next life is.

    Women give birth in pain & Men work... this is how God created us!!!

    Plus, Christianity was here on earth since some 2000 years, yet still Christian women give birth in pain and Christian Men work...

    And I (and you) will be in Eden if (and only if) we follow the messengers and prophets of God... i.e: Believing in one unique God and keeping his commandments!
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    Nope. People were in Garden of Eden not needing do any work, and not dying.
    Prophet David, Jeremiah and many prophets believed in One God and kept God commandments. However Gospel of Nicodemus said they ended in Hell until Jesus baptized them because OLD LAW has no salvation power. Read gospel of Nicodemus.

    For first 800 years all historical documents speak about how Christians did Holy Liturgy and food for eternal life. This did not prevent inventions and renunciations to the food for eternal life.

    John 6
    6:53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.
    6:54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

    Do you believe in Jesus? This miracle may help you make a decision:
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    What about Moses & Abraham? were they also in hell?

    Martyn: you have green light to fire... xd


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