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Riverside Point- who is staying there?

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    Hi guys I just booked my room at Riverside point, looks like quite a nice place and im really looking forward too it. Ill be staying in 003 room c, so who else is nearby?

    Edit: im going to be studying business btw.
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    i ammm but i'm going to nottingham university.

    i'm in 106 room D
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    Im first year, what are you studying?
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    (Original post by Louster)
    Im first year, what are you studying?
    MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering. You?
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    Just plain Business atm

    anyone else going to Riverside point or is it going to be really empty this year lol?
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    i tried to find some people on here but i don't think anyone is. my flat is full though
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    I am, I've reserved a place but they've yet to call me to give me the details...

    but yeah I'm studying Media with specialist pathways...I wish I booked accomadation early i'm obviously like a zillion years away from my campus
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    haha where is your campus? For me im only 30min walk so it doesn't seem too bad.
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    I think i'm Clifton Campus...
    I have no idea about the geography of Nottingham lol...I'm gonna bring my bike though and cycle as much as I can
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    well im going to be studying at city, 30min walk and im probably going to bring my bike.
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    According to their website i'm living in 21A at Riverside point...and next to me is a "First Year, Non-Smoker, Non-Vegetarian, Male"
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    i'm living with all females apparently.
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    omgg im so confused...ive just booked riverside point as there was nothing else left haa. i didnt know they sell out really quickly oh well.. so just saw this thread and was wondering who is actually staying there? im gunna be a first year student and its effin miles away from clifton campus which is where i need to be really! ooopss
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    I'm going to riverside point
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    i ammmm.
    room 34D
    just booked it yeyyy!
    anyone else in 34?
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    im staying at riverside point!!!!! im studdying law with business. its my first year, cant wait . add me on facebook peeps. would be good to get to know the people living in the same block as me. my names Anil Birdi on facebook.
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    Hi, i'm going to be staying in 100. Anyone there? x
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    ill be staying in FLAT 003 ROOM C
    add me of FB Louis Attwood

    Anil I tried to add you but there are other people called Anil Birdi, so I dont know which one is you ><
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    (Original post by Kericken)
    Hi, i'm going to be staying in 100. Anyone there? x
    i'm 106. what block are you in?
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    Hey i'm staying in 018 B at Riverside, how do you get to know if your flat is full and who is staying next to you haha! I'm absolutely hopeless!


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