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First shift at mcdonalds

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    Got accepted for a job in mcdonalds, and i am about to start my first shift in about 2 and a half hours. Just wondering what i do when i get their. I was thinking just go to the crew room and hope that someone is there lol. any ideas
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    I asked behind the counter and the manager took me to get my uniform and put me in the crew room. Then I was put on fries for 6 hours.
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    ive already got my uniform, but nothing else lol
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    Sounds fun
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    it doesnt actually, lol. but i need money
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    Knock your head against the wall very hard a few times, then you will be at the same level to communicate with your colleagues.
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    Show initiative. Find the duty manager and ask them what you're doing. Do you really have no idea what to do when you turn up? :eyeball:
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    Show initiative at macdonalds? theres no need.

    You'll be on frys or following someone around for your first shift.

    It was good craic when I worked there back when I was 17, I had a laugh.
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    i will just go to the crew room and get into my uniform then try to find the manager or the crew trainer. How hard can it be lol
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    (Original post by simoore)
    i will just go to the crew room and get into my uniform then try to find the manager or the crew trainer. How hard can it be lol
    Do that.
    It's not like we bite (though a staff trainer at my place scared two new employees off but they were wasters anyway).
    They will then probably give you a log in number to clock in with and then depending on what your doing show you the ropes.
    If you are on till you will have to count your till money and then will be taught to serve and if you are in kitchen (which I doubt at this time of night as they will be trying to do cleaning tasks and won't need anyone on fries as well) then you will be given an apron and told what to make and how to make them.
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    You pass me some free burgers.
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    nae bother keoje, and i dont think i need taught how to count money i just sat higher maths lol
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    You don't get taught to count. You get taught to use the machine and then filling out the form saying you've checked your float.
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    I've worked at McDonalds before, but I was a little depressed back then.

    If you've had absolutely no experience of working anywhere before, they'll probably stick you in the kitchen after giving you a brief show of what to do. Fairly simple, burgers out the freezer, burgers on the grill, squirt squirt (the sauce that is), stick some 'salad' on, then box up and wait to be shouted at if they're running low on burgers.

    No, I wasn't lovin' it in anyway.

    You get a free meal at McDonalds for your break. It gets fairly disgusting after a while, so consider bringing a packed lunch every so often.


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