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OCR GCSE Science B - Unit 1 B1,P1 and C1

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    Did any one of you do the science exam this morning on May 28th. The paper was fairly easy, but the part I found hard was with the question on bile and cirrosis. I don't know if cirrosis appeared in the syallbus however :confused:

    Who else also done the exam and how did you think about it?

    P.S I though the most funniest part was when there was a question who had two men, Anthony and Declan talking about fitness. This made me think about Ant and Dec!
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    I found it very very easy.

    Bile emulsifies fat droplets and makes their surface area larger so they can be broken down by lipase enzymes.

    Another way to get cirrhosis would be abusing alcohol.

    And using the term "the funniest parts" suggests you usually find many funny questions in an exam. And yeah - i thought the declan and anthony thing was rather *coincidental*.

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    Lool, yeahh i didn't actually notice the anthony and declan thing in the paper till i read your post
    Did you guys understand the physics equation one where you had to rearrange the equation?


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