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London Metropolitan University... A Proper Review

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    I've been reading on this forum for over a year, but this is the first time I am actually starting a thread. I think it is time to set the record straight on London Metropolitan University from someone that studies there! Frankly, some of the rubbish that gets spouted on this forum is absolutely ridiculous. I have just finished my first year studying Aviation Management at Moorgate.


    Pretty good. Teachers have bags full of relevant experience and enthusiasm. Overall though, I have had better in college. The exception is one visiting lecturer who has been fantastic. Absolutely top drawer. Superbly organised, simple presentations with working diagrams. He also takes it personally when the class as a whole for one part of the module has done poorly on something.


    Not the best, but adequate. The city campus is located right in the middle of the financial district. At the Tower Building there is a working aircraft simulator (Beechcraft King Air B200), although whether or not that will still be there in October remains to be seen with the universities' financial problems. Some of the buildings seem quiet tired on the inside; this is unlikely to improve due to finance.

    Although there has been some investment in new equipemtn, some of the computers are painfully slow. This could be the norm in most unis though?

    The library is well stocked with decent amounts of useful text. Bloomberg is also available for banking/finance students.

    Student Experience

    Non-existant from what I've seen. Don't get involved in it to be honest.


    Not applicable for me. Commute every day. Mostly a commuter university with most students coming from suburbs and surrounding towns.


    Whilst the protracted dispute with the previous management was going on, there was real fear from the students and staff that they would be blacklisted because of London Met. My course is probably the highest in the university; no other course had higher UCAS requirements. With only a few exceptions, the students in my class are not just going there to stay out of work and to improve government employment figures, they have a real passion and a desire to do well.

    The new regime that have taken over seem pretty good, although there still is a long, long way to go. I went to an open day at the new VCs previous university. He seems exactly what this university needs, someone that cares for the student! The first of his changes has been to include the uni in newspaper league tables from next year.

    Would I recommend it?

    To people considering this university: don't listen to the morons and WUMs on this messageboard that have never set foot in the university. Yes, the uni caters for a particular niche of taking on students from disadvantaged backgrounds, but give it a chance!

    At times I felt why did I pick this university?! How do I transfer!? However as the months wore on, it definitely got better. My department has been excellent anyway. Obviously I cannot say for the other departments.
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    I think your review is brilliant and I totally agree with you in regards to the cloud that seems to surround it.
    I've just been accepted into London Met and I'm actually really excited about it. Its not my first uni, I was at the University of Reading for two terms this academic year and as great as a uni it was, it wasn't for me. I think when it comes down to it the thing with uni isn't necessarily that you're in a good uni by its reputation but rather that the course you are doing is right for you. The course at London Met is exactly what I was after and thats the main thing and I'm really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for this review, its great! x
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    I have visited this university (I didn't apply though and I was never going to, it was a school outing - visit different types of universities etc.) and if it is for you then go for it, but I didn't find it to be very nice and not just the academic side of things.

    However, good luck with everything.

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    I am starting the same course as you this year and was wondering have you got any tips on what what to expect and how to get the most out of it?

    The course I am doing is Aviation Management at the Moorgate campus.

    Are the classes for this faculty big?

    Any advice or help would be grateful
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    Facebook: LMU (FdSc) Aviation Management & Operations
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    So from reading on that facebook page I am guessing all the aviation courses share lectures? I am right in assuming that? :confused:
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    Thanks for this. :top:
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    ah this made me SO relieved huh!
    and can anyone tell me anything abt the reputation [at least] of digital media section on london met???
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    Not sure about reputation but my friend got a media degree from London Met and is currently earning approx £45k a year. His previous work experience is being a waiting staff so it's really the degree that got him this job. Unless he's got some amazing reference...
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    does anyone have any information about the Human nutrition and dietetics course? (4 year undergraduate)

    i doubt anyone will cause its pretty small choice.. as in not many people choose it :s

    or just info about the north campus and their science facilities! i've heard they spent alot of money on the super lab :s
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    London met uni is the worst university ever. Do not go to study there. The teachers only care about getting paid, not the welfare of their students and most of the teachers are ****ed up and corrupt - like one was jailed last year for helping a drug gang and another one sexually abused women whilst he was undercover police officer. It's ridiculous and am sure there's many more. They never help or support you at all. They barely answer emails. 3 years of **** and it's a shame but my university years have been wasted and I didn't get the full experience.
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    Hi is there anyone studying fashion marketing and journalism this year ? Please let me know x


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Updated: July 8, 2015
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