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!!Anyone doing Osteopathy 2010/2010!!

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    hey there

    i'm also considering doing osteopathy! i'm doing an undergrad atm in physiology and sports science. i'm not really 100% sure yet tho, which school are you thinking of applying too? have you done any work experience i havent, i'm not really sure what it would be like to be an osteopath.. i'd quite like to do equine osteopathy but i'm not sure if there's really a market for it??
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    Hello there

    I work at the British School of Osteopathy, so would be happy to answer any general questions you've got about studying osteopathy. We do also provide work experience placements, so get in touch if I can help at all.

    All the best
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    Dear Vixpatel91
    The Access course is specifically designed for people without A levels, so I'm not sure it would suit your needs. I would suggest calling our Admissions team (020 7089 5357) if you're looking at entry in 2011, to look at your options. I imagine it would depend on your grades as to whether you would need to do any further study for direct entry. I hope this helps.
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    hello anone there? me too??


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Updated: February 24, 2011
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