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Edexcel A2 Government & Politics route B: Political ideologies

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    (Original post by chloeee!)
    How many questions are there? I know we have to answer 3 15 markers and 1 45 marker but wondering how many options there were?
    If my memory serves me correct, it's 3 out of 5 and 1 out of 3. Therefore usually 2 questions on each topic.

    (Original post by rainbowworld)

    Short Answers
    1. Outline how the anarchist view of the state differs from the Marxist view. (Jun 02)

    2. Explain the link between anarchism and collectivism. (June 03)

    3. Why do anarchists object to constitutionalism and consent? (June 04)

    4. Why have anarchists believed that the state is unnecessary? (June 05)

    5. Explain the link between anarchism and utopianism. (June 06)

    6. Why have anarchists viewed the state as evil and oppressive? (June 07)

    7. How do the anarchist and Marxist views of the state differ? (June 08)

    8. How has anarchism been linked to ‘free market’ capitalism? (June 09)

    1. Is anarchism an example of individualism or collectivism? (Jun 02)

    2. To what extent is anarchism a utopian creed? (June 03)

    3. To what extent do anarchists agree about the nature of the future stateless society?
    (June 04)

    4. Is anarchism closer to socialism or liberalism? (June 05)

    5. Is anarchism merely an extreme form of free-market liberalism? (June 06)

    6. Is anarchism closer to individualism than collectivism? (June 08)

    7. Why, and to what extent, has anarchism been associated with utopianism? (June 09)

    Short Answers
    1. (a) Define utopianism
    (b) Why is anarchism considered to be utopian? (Jun 01)

    2. Outline differences between the anarchist and conservative views of human nature.
    (Jun 00)

    3. How do conservative and anarchist views of human nature differ? (Jan 99)

    4. (a) Why do anarchists reject the state?
    (b) What kind of state have Marxists been prepared to endorse? (Jun 98)

    5. (a) Why do conservatives value authority?
    (b) Why do anarchists reject authority? (Jan 98)

    6. (a) Define utopianism
    (b) Why is anarchism often described as utopian? (Jun 97)

    1. ‘Anarchism has offered many visions of the future stateless society.’ Discuss
    (Jun 01)

    2. To what extent is anarchism a utopian political creed? (Jun 00)

    3. (a) Why do anarchists oppose all forms of political authority?
    (b) Explain and critically assess their belief that a stateless society would be peaceful
    and orderly. (Jan 00)

    4. ‘Anarchism is strong on moral principles but weak on political analysis.’ Discuss
    (Jun 99)

    5. Is anarchism merely collectivism taken to its logical extreme? (Jan 99)

    6. Do anarchists demand the impossible? (Jun 98)

    7. ‘Anarchism is merely nineteenth-century liberalism taken to its extreme.’ Discuss
    (Jan 98)

    8. Is anarchism an example of collectivism or individualism? (Jun 97)

    do you have the mark schemes for this if so can you post them please

    (Original post by taniakhatun)
    do you have the mark schemes for this if so can you post them please
    No sorry I don't but they are on the edexcel website to download. Go to subjects, government and politics, pick if it was 2008 + question or before 2008 and then mark scheme and then you can download the right one.

    Edexcel have taken out all the past papers were before 2008!.Anyone know where i can get past papers and mark schemes from the old syllabus?

    I was just wondering whether anyone knew what questions came up in June 2010 for Unit 3 on Political Ideologies?

    Does anyone have any mark schemes for this paper?? I only have the jun 2008 one D:

    does anybody have the question paper for Jan 2011?

    (Original post by martiu)
    does anybody have the question paper for Jan 2011?
    Here is the mark scheme, which has the questions on.


    (Original post by -JJS-)
    Ive done all conservative, Liberalism and anarchism questions so if anyone wants any help i can offer it

    Also willing to exchange typed up essays on all ideologies etc

    I gt 200/200 last year lol, but this year is more theoretical and i find abit harder
    Cheers guys
    Hey i was just wondering if you still have your notes? im really stuggling, would really appreciate any help!

    (Original post by hannahlew)
    i have typed up notes..
    Hey i know this is like a year later but any chance you still have any notes? i would really appreciate it!

    (Original post by ecoooonomics)
    also if you want to swap essays then pm me
    i have essays with the following titles that have been marked at A/A* grades:
    How does Ecologism differ from other political ideologies
    Is nationalism reactionary or progressive?
    To what extent is there tension between multiculturalism and liberalism
    To what extent have feminists achieved their aims since the beginning of the 20th Century
    Hey i know its like a year later but any chance you still have those essays? i would really appreciate it, im struggling with politics :/ ! thanks in advance!

    (Original post by -JJS-)
    Yomi i have a couple of Typed up essays, and essay plans but the majority of my notes and essays are hand written....message me (pm) me if you want to share etc
    Any chance you still have any essays, or plans? i would really appreciate any help!

    Thank you sooo , sooo much.

    Can someone please help me with this question, I'm not sure what to put...

    'Ecologism implies a radically different relationship between humankind and the natural world.’ Discuss.'

    Thank you

    You dont happen to still have these essay notes etc. With you... Do you?
    If you do,could you perhaps PM me them please?
    Mqny thanks!

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my ST18i

    I was thinking of just revising 3 out of 4 topics for each unit
    Probably won't do socialism as its quite long... and for unit 4 probably won't do the longest one in the textbook...

    how risky is this? were other people fine in the exam just doing 3?

    Sooooooo not ready for the exam tomorrow :'(

    Hellllloooooooo, has anyone got a list of past questions?

    Do you still have your notes. I Have some essays to complete. I'd really appreciate the help.


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