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Bournemouth University- Nursing Accommodation!

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    I have an unconditional offer at Bournemouth University for September 2010 to do Adult Nursing BSc (Hons). I have recieved an offer for Abbotsbury House, as I thought this would be best as it is close to Bournemouth hospital. However I have changed my mind as it seems nobody else really wants to be there and there will only be 30ish people living in the whole house so now I really want to stay at Purbeck or Cranborne, can I change my mind? Bearing in mind I have already paid the deposit for Abbotsbury! Also, does anyone know the term dates for nursing students? So confused!
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    Theres a phone number they give you on your accommodation offer email, give that a try and explain the situation - good luck on the email they say they will only offer you one place but you never know whether they will actually stick to that. 30 people could be good thouhg you get know the people around you better as there is less of you.
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    Thanks for the help I have just emailed them explaining! Abbotsbury may be a good thing, just seems like everyone else is going in Purbeck or Cranborne!
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    Yeah i get you, must be tough but remember most people have to wait till august to apply but they will defo fill up abbotsbury as they dont have enough halls for anyone anyway. May be good cause when you are doing shift work etc at the hospital other nurses will be more understanding that you need sleep etc and wont be as loud. either way i reckon if you go in with the right attitude itll be awesome but good luck i hope they do let ya change!
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    I just had an email back they said they can't change but said exactly what you did- its better to be at Abbotsbury as there is always conflict in the other houses between nurses and other students as they come in really late, noise etc. So I guess I'm in the best accommodation anyways Thanks for the help!
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    No worries (: glad youre feeling more positive about it, youll have a right laugh! You'll probably end up knowing more peopel then us cranborne/purbeck people as with less people theres more chance to chat etc. See ya in sept!
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    im in abbotsbury house this year, do you know what flat your staying in etc etc?
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    Ive just recieved an offer for the Adult Nursing Degree at Bournemouth, I was curious, what is Abbotsby House like? Ive been told its the only place nursing students can stay?


    Poppy xx
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    Hiya, I've received an offer for adult nursing at Bournemouth too and am wondering the exact same thing about accommodation?! Wheres good to live..? I wanted to live in the uni halls just because it looks so much better but then people say abbotsbury is best for nursing cause its near placements etc?
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    Heya Congrats on your offer!

    I emailed Bournemouth yesterday, but havn't heard anything yet. I like the idea of living in halls instead of Abbotsby as I'll be mixing and socialising with more people, apparently Abbotsby only houses 34 Nursing and midwifery students? Although it would be nice to live with other nursing students, I'd like to interact with other people and not become 'sectioned off' from people on different courses?
    Also the halls look way nicer!
    They're also right next to the main Lansdowne site (Bournemouth house, Studland house and the Student Union 'The old firestaion') whereas Abbotsby I think you have to walk to a bus stop, then get a bus to Lansdowne campus?
    Abbotsby is close(ish) to Bournemouth Hospital, however on the open day, website, interview day and when I asked the interviewer the university nursing placements are mainly community based in and around Bournemouth? I.e. Nursing homes? Although we will be at the hospital for atleast and probably 1 placement, the majority of them are elsewhere? So I'd much rather live central to where its all happening?
    I think the only plus side of Abbotsby is that its all nursing and midwifery students so they may be more understanding with regards to noise if we have shift work placements, like night shifts? As opposed to those in halls?
    One last thing, because our course is a 51 week course, compared to the normal 42 week week courses, we have to chose Abbostby as the others don't seem to offer 51 weeks of accomodation?

    Basically. Im so confused! Ive just realised how much Ive written. But I'll let you know what they email me back...when they actually do!?

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    Hi Poppy, congrats on yours too! Is it your first choice?
    Yeah same here, I like the idea of living with lots of people and with the uni halls being in the centre of Bournemouth I think the student life would just be so much better? I stayed with one of my friends who is living in lyme regis, it just had a good atmosphere and seems near everything. And as for going out... it was just a short walk haha.
    But then yeah the plus side is living with other nurses.. but if only 34 people can live there where are all the other 100 and whatever nurses.. they must be in halls? Ahhh its all so confusing! I thought I was just being picky so I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to decide what to do haha.
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    Yea its definatly my first choice! I'm exactly the same, I love the idea of being where its all happening! Because at the end of the day, I want to have fun aswell as do the course I really want to live in halls! Ive seen Lyme regis-looks nice Yea so where do all the other nurses go!? I'm just as confused..Bournemouth havn't emailed me back after 2 emails now so I think I might just call them, lemme know if you find out anything? What was your offer? Is it your first choice too?

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    Yeah exactly, I wanna enjoy the social side of it too haha and tbh its just a year in halls? After that I'm guessing you live with other nurses? Yeah its my first choice too its conditional but just on my crb checks as I'm on a gap Year so have my alevels.. what about you?
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    Me too yea, I guess its only a year, but you make lots of friends in your first year and everythings happening as you intergrate into the uni (Freshers!) haha, apparently they have 'House wars' between all the big halls during freshers, and after looking I couldnt help but notice abbotsby werent included? and presumably just joined in as and when..not that freshers is my top on my priorities though! More so whether I have a place to stay or not..and where! Yea people normally share houses in their second year Thats so good you have your ALevs already..Im seriously stressing trying to get the BBC! Oh well, with work its possible!
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    Ahh but all that is all part of uni though, don't wanna miss out! Do you have facebook? I'm rubbish at remembering to check on here!
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    Yea exactly! Im guesing you pretty sociable like me too sure In just under like 'Poppy Anna Lee' my profile pictures just me and a boy with a blue shirt on. Whats yours?
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    I've been offered a conditional offer from Bournemouth for child's nursing. And when I went to the open afternoon they said that you have to live near your placement centre. I've chosen Poole and Salisbury, so I could have to live in Salisbury in a hospital accommodation which is about a 45 minute bus journey from the uni!!! I could
    So far away from where everything is happening and I'm worried I'll be so cut if from everything :/. It's all do stressful!!!!!
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    Couldnt agree more with the whole accommodation situ! Ive been located in Bournemouth but no idea what to do, I didnt really like abbotsbury house as it was quite a journey from the uni? Id rather be in the town and just get buses from and to placements? Does anyone know what they are doing yet?
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    Looks like i'm in the same boat as many as I have recieved an unconditional offer from bournemouth for child health nursing, i did like the idea of living in halls however i know there is complications with staying in halls as we need a longer licence than what is usually offered? i understand perbeck can not extend their licence after contacting them this week, i know that living with other nursing students means there isn't a big mix of students but i like the idea of being able to relax after shift without noisy room mates? and typically out of 34 people in abbotsbury it is likely there will be a group going out freshers lot! where are all the nurses staying! i cant make my mind up!x
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    Looks like we're all thinking the same, I wanted halls really just to live in the centre of it all, but have just applied for Abbottsbury. Im sure lots of people will be wanting to go out for freshers, well i hope so haha ! x


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