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CH4 WJEC January 2010 Mark Scheme?

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    Just as the title implies, I was wondering whether anyone has the CH4 WJEC January 2010 Mark Scheme they could send me?

    Its the exam I failed miserably at, I have the paper, but need to mark scheme because I still don't know the answers to some question

    Any help greatly appreciated,

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    Hey I have the mark scheme but I need the paper it would be great to do a switcheroo
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  3. File Type: pdf Jan 2010 mark scheme (new).pdf (647.9 KB, 3215 views)
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    Hey i have the CH4 past paper
    Thanks for the mark scheme:woo:
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  5. File Type: pdf CH4 2010.PDF (75.0 KB, 790 views)
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    Thanks buddy I can have a lil practice run before the real thing
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    Heyy, so sorry, I forgot about this thread because my friend managed to get me the mark scheme

    Glad you managed to get a hold of it though

    How did you find the real thing?
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    It was a hard one! I had a C first time round so with a push hopefully a B did you do the exam today aswell?
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    I got a U last time, so I was thinking it's ok I can't do any worse. I was wrong!!! that went soooo bad
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    Oh really? I found it really nice!
    I got a D first time round and need a B overall for uni, so hopefully I got an A/B on that


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Updated: June 17, 2010
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