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Which way do you cut your sandwiches?

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  • View Poll Results: Which way do you cut your sandwiches?
    Don't cut
    Left to right
    Top to bottom
    Top left to bottom right
    Top right to bottom left
    Top to bottom & left to right

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    (Original post by Altocirrus)
    In half, straight across. The filling is more likely to fall out if it's cut diagonally :fyi:
    Can you explain your sig to me>
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    Glad you asked, I have often dreamed of someone taking an interest.

    I find it best to use the sharpest most gleaming knife I can get my hands on at the time and make use of an improvised oak chopping board that I found at a sawmill.

    Anyway I use a protractor and ruler to ensure straight cuts at 45 degree angles. Once I have everything lined up... slash! The result is two beautiful triangles which I either eat or admire.

    please don't be intimidated by my superior sandwich making skills and live a happy life.
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    left to right if I want it to seem smaller, top left to bottom right if I want it to seem bigger
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    Top right to bottom left. I think it's because I'm left handed, so starting from the top left would put my hand at a really awkward angle :p: and triangular sandwiches taste better :yep:
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    Top to bottom, so it's symmetrical!
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    Straight down the middle.
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    Whatever makes the sandwich easier to eat. :lolwut:

    If the filling is fairly tame (that is, it's not going to fall out easily), I'll generally cut it into squares or triangles of a size so that I can eat each resultant piece in a few bites. This varies with bread size.

    If, on the other hand, the filling is more adventurous, I'll either just bite into it as is (said filling flying everywhere) or, more often, attempt to reduce it into smaller sized chunks which can be eaten with somewhat more dignity.

    And cutting towards yourself is a bad habit to get into if you're ever going to use a sharp knife in the future. As such, I cut left to right, rotating the sandwich (or moving around it) as necessary. :yep:

    I can't believe OP omitted triangles from the poll! :zomg: :p:

    I need some sleep. :yawn:
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    (Original post by scorpion95)
    Which do you do and why do you do it in that particular way?

    Sometime I'll won't cut it but most times I'll do it from left to right
    With a chainsaw, whilst riding my pony.
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    either uncut or just once down the middle into rectangles - i find it easier to hold and less bits fall out.
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    (Original post by Laurawhitters)
    urgh it actually makes me cringe when i see someone eating a two slice sandwich when its not cut i have to run find them a knife and cut it fore them! i don't get why you would want to eat an uncut one
    And do you cringe at the type of bread people use too? I'm a bread Nazi and use seeded multigrain loaves. What about you? :cool:
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    I usually do it, top to bottom
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    Straight down the middle.
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    left to right!!
    if you do it diagonally you get flimsy cornery bits and stuff falls out!!! bad times!
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    (Original post by Paul Bartram)
    Straight across the middle - left to rght.
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    I don't make them very often but when i do i just cut top to bottom.
    I remember when my brother was little he would cry and refuse to eat sandwiches if they were cut into triangles, he really hated them!
    I look after children at the moment and i always ask them how mummy cuts the sandwiches because i couldn't deal with them not eating them!
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    Triangles taste better, that's actually a fact. Generally though I crush that mofo with my hand and cut it in two rectangles. Less bits fall out with rectangles.
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    Straight across the middle into two rectangles. Whenever I do triangles, the filling always seems to fall out unless I hold it with both hands..

    triangles seem more fun though. ):
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    Top left to bottom right.
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    Left to right

    Oh great, now I really want a sandwich...


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