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Tonights Desperate Housewives

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    I feel kinda sorry for him
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    What one was it? I watched them ages ago.
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    Aw, me too, his mum is such a bitch >:|
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    The one about Eddie
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    He has issues mayyynnnnnnn
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    Oh I watched that on Sunday...He proper terrifys me! He was so cute when he was little and got progressively ugly ahaa :P
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    Didn't feel sorry for him at all. He's gross.
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    He just wanted motherly love and now he got confused between motherly love and girlfriend love and now he hates all women and kills them in frustration His mum is an evil bitch for laughing at him for saying he was trying to woo Danielle
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    (Original post by lyrical_lie)
    Oh I watched that on Sunday...He proper terrifys me! He was so cute when he was little and got progressively ugly ahaa :P
    LOL that really made me laugh out loud.
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    (Original post by lyrical_lie)
    He was so cute when he was little and got progressively ugly ahaa :P
    Don't we all?
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    I feel SO sorry for him his mum is a idiot.
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    Oh my lord.... he has serious psychological damage.
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    he is pretty terrifying; aslong as the women don't get hurt!

    however, i do feel TERRIBLE for him!
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    Yeah I watched Sky+ed it on Sunday and watched it earlier, I feel so bad for him
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    The ending to this series is pretty s**t tbh. I was dissapointed to say the least But yeh eddie does have issues
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    Oh, I watched this on Sunday, it was such a great episode (but then, all of them are :awesome:). I agree, it was really heart breaking watching his story . I mean, it doesn't condone the terrible crimes he's done, but at least now we have much more of an understanding behind his character and background. His mum is just nasty though, I can't believe she would treat her own son like that :no:. I just wonder what's gonna happen next.

    I really love this show, it's my favourite at the mo

    By the way OP, I'm loving the Nicki Minaj sig, she's hot at the mo :yep:
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    Anyone want me to spoil the series finale for them?
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    (Original post by Kash:))
    Anyone want me to spoil the series finale for them?


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Updated: June 2, 2012
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