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I challenge you all to beat my stupidity! Worst mistake you've made in an exam?!

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    Now, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I need someone out there to help me feel better and stop having hysterical laughing/crying fits. Moreover, I'm not sure if TSR is the place to find other people who sometimes make mistakes in exams as everyone on here appears to get straight A's.

    I'm a first year and I've just had an exam. I've written an answer to the question "How far do you agree that Indian nationalism is a patriarchal ideology?", now, brace yourselves, because what I did is very stupid. Stupid doesn't even cover it. I, in my petrified state, have mistaken patriarchal for patriotic. Hence, I've written an entire essay on why Indian nationalism was communalist and not patriarchal (thinking it meant some type of patriotism). I've laughed and cried so much that I'm now drained and wondering whether I should get in a box and stay there.
    Now, has anybody out there ever made a ridiculous mistake in an exam? Anybody want to make me feel better?!
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    I have missed out 10% of an exam before due to not turning the paper over.

    And my friend once made the organism/orgasm mistake throughout a biology paper.
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    I've not revised thus done crap?

    I constantly forge to put + C in maths when integrating.

    I got Solicitors and Barristers mixed up in my law exam :lolwut:, luckily im a fast writer and was only unit 1 so i easily switched
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    I got 0/24 in the last section of this years critical thinking exam because I didn't read the question properly, but who cares!? Haha.
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    i mistook phyisological for psychological and lost 10 marks on my pscy paper laster year?
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    (Original post by Hanz_a93)
    Er everyones human here im sure....so we all make mistakes...
    Well I wouldn't be so sure if I were you..
    http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/member.php?u=55112 :awesome:
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    For my mock exams when I was 14 I kept writing pubic instead of public, luckily I read though it before handing it in.
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    Forgot to number my questions in my English essays... The exam board sent me a letter with my marks, I got 32/50 for the close reading (Not bad) and 4 for the essays
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    Uhm...put my email as my signature :| (on the actual exam paper)
    Me and all my friends before the exam had swapped email addresses, so I guess it was still stuck.
    Just glad it was French!
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    Not a dumb mistake of me, but I left out a huge easy question in the add maths : (
    Now I dont think I will get a B
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    Read half my history exam wrong.. had to re-take :nothing:
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    My best friend managed to write 'conservationist' instead of 'conservative' about twenty times in a politics essay last year. Fortunately it was only a tutorial essay, though, not an exam essay... hee hee. :yep:
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    (Original post by MathsHamster)
    I have missed out 10% of an exam before due to not turning the paper over.
    I did this in one of my GCSE science exams, still got an A though but I now obsessively check to make sure I don't leave out any questions.

    Stupidest thing I've done is write that 3/30 is not equal to 1/10 in my S1 exam. :facepalm:
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    i spent a long biology question writing about fill gilaments instead of gill filaments its been hard to shake that one off.
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    When I did my BMAT for med school before my first degree I thought vivisection was on dead animals rather than it being a cruel process on living animals.

    I got a **** essay grade and no interviews that year. FML!
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    Not reading questions properly, but fortunately realising in good time and starting again and finishing.
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    not turning up.

    forgot about a GCSE science module resit....
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    (Original post by HumorousGent.)
    not turning up.

    forgot about a GCSE science module resit....
    not humorous at all ,dawg

    moar lyk humorlessgent, amirite????

    or humoron :pierre:
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    I am an Accountancy student.

    My main thing is getting into the exam and totally forgetting how to use a computer... my figures, therefore, never add up.


    (I just got repped and realised I actually meant calculator...... same thing I guess!)
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    On one of this years maths exams i put that 3*3*3 was 9.

    and also, on the same exam, used the quotient rule to integrate.


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