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How is it like to live in Emily Bowes Court?

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    I would like to know how it's like to live in Emily Bowes Court. Is it nice and quiet? How long will it take me to get into Central London by public transport (the underground and overground). Is the area around Emily Bowes safe? How far away is the grocery store?

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    I wanna know the answer to this too! Just got my acceptance today, wasnt even any of my choices. I dont think there is much to do in Tottenham [if you look at the UAL halls of residence guide theres a table at the bottom comparing each of them, Emily Bowes is just really nice accomodation&expensive] I think its quite safe, but I guess like most of London just gotta be careful. Theres a tube station 5 minutes away
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    Actually scrap the safe bit just found this

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    I am freaking out, I'm staying in Emily Bowes this year, I'm moving in next week, and I just found the group 'Everything is wrong with Emily Bowes Court' on facebook. A group dedicated to how awful the halls are, its just people complaining about how unsafe they are and how theres loads of buliding work going on cos the halls aren't even finished yet! I'm panicking now, worrying that its gonna be awful


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