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    Anyone planning to do this, lets meet here. we will help, chat and enjoy the next two years.

    Hopefully will set up some sort of live chat where we can all have a laugh and talk together

    Im Krissy btw
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    Hey, I'm Emma :hi:
    I'm going into my second year in September but I'm new here and don't know anyone else who does it!
    I love this course, I think it's a really good base for health professions and it's so interesting. Do you know what you wanna do when you leave?
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    thankyou so much for replying im just terrified im not clever enough AND cant do it. are you doing the diploma or certificate.
    ive had alot of health problems so was out of school for 3 years so i did the first diploma this year (just finished)

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    I'm doing the diploma. Don't be worried that you can't do it! There's loads of support with assignments and the books help a lot, you'll be fine Did you enjoy your first diploma in it?
    The only thing is that it's hard work because there's a lot to get done and not much time. As long as you realise there's a lot from the start you'll have no problem - we were all slow to start because we didn't realise how much work there was.
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    replied via messege
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    hi im doin BTEC NATIONAL HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE LEVEL 3 nxt yr aswell ! cant wait lol
    what your msn ?

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    I have just competed my BTEC National health and social course, i like the course however a few of the teachers were a total waste of space, end up teaching the majoirty of stuff myself or asking other teachers to do it
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    yeh i know what you mean, i had teachers liek that, did you enjoy it then?plan for september?
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    bumppp, ive been told the names changed to btec health and social care extended diploma level 3
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    Hey, i've just started this course aswell
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    Hey Guys,

    I'm on this course too, enjoying it very much so far!

    Hope to eventually become an A&E Nurse, Paramedic or ODP.
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    cool, fancy a study buddy lol?

    where you studying at?

    what units you doing?
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    (Original post by Krissycontagious)
    cool, fancy a study buddy lol?

    where you studying at?

    what units you doing?
    Hey Krissy, could do with a study buddy I guess!

    I'm studying in Essex and atm i'm doing U1, U2, U3 (BORING!), U4 & U5.

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    Aha same. i know im gunna struggle so much tihs year. I want this so bad aswell. its not fair theres people out there who couldnt care less about hleping others yet will get all the work dead easily and not struggle then go on to hurt people in their future careers. then theres people who acually care that struggle with the work.

    yeh im ranting. ill shut up.

    im doing
    unit 1
    unit 2
    unit 3
    unit 4
    unit 6
    unit 11
    unit 22
    unit 39
    unit 47.
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    Hey, I'm studying this too only I'm doing it at certificate level, which has changed to diploma. This is my second year and I'm struggling, year 1 was no problem though.
    Still love it!
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    What unit is it for? I have an absolute nightmare of an assignment and it's just not happening!
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    Good to see keen BTEC-ers! Please help us stand up for the right to study vocational courses and 'like' NUS's Vocation Nation campaign on Facebook! We're trying to get lots of students together to talk about the benefits of qualifications like BTECs, and their experiences of studying for them.


    If you've got any questions PM me!

    Thanks! x
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    I know, thankfully I'm in my second year. Not long to go now!! What does everyone want to do after their A Levels?
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    bumping my thread
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    great to see people also doing this =] for OCR at level 3 we have to do 18 folders, done 6, so need to do 6 in summer and another over next year haha but seriously.... no one do unit 24 =P it will kill you xD

    Health and social group on TSR: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/group.php?groupid=1476

    everyone join


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Updated: April 12, 2016
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