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Advanced Spanish Phrases?

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    Does anyone have any good phrases that I could use in my Spanish writing exam that would make the examiners go: "WOW, this kid's clever!"?

    Subjunctive etc. Maybe something about a director like:

    his dexterity and methodical approach to film making is awe-inspiring or something!!??
    Please help, I'm gonna fail everything otherwise! Lazyness...its a killer!

    ~Thanks Everyone!
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    Instead of specific phrases you should focus on constructions to use instead as you can easily adapt them to different situations.

    For example, conditional plus imperfect subjunctive:

    "Si debiera escoger una lengua, escogería español"

    (If I had to choose a language, I would choose Spanish)

    I used that one from GCSE right the way through to A2.


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Updated: July 3, 2010
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