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What happens if i wrote the wrong question number in?

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    Hey i just sat the GEOG3 AQA A2 Exam.

    I thought it went ok but i had to rush it alot and didnt get to check stuff like this.

    Now in the exam your ment to write in the answer book in a certain spot the number of the question your answering.

    Now im unsure if i put the write number in. If i did this what happens? I answered the write questions (didnt mess up the protocol) but just might have made a silly mistake in putting down the wrong question number.

    Thanks everyone
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    What i mean is it will be obvious which questions i answered i just made the reference wrong.

    ive read AQA are understanding and they realise this and mark it so, but does anyone know for sure?

    Im nervous as ****, i dont want to miss my uni offer

    If it's obvious your answer doesn't correspond with the question number I'm sure they will still mark your answer as it is a pretty obvious and probably quite a common mistake.
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    thanks, i expect common sense will prevail =)

    But i am wondering if anyone else has done this before and know thsir outcome?

    exmainers are humans, not robots- they'l realise soon enough (hopefully- for your sake) and you'll be fine.

    not to scare you but last year an examiner working for AQA missed out 85 marks... but i think he or she was drunk...
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    wow thats... rediculous lol.

    I just went to school and they say they cant do anything because the papers been sent off.

    They did however say on results day they can query it and get my script back, meaning if i miss the U (what i need to get an A overall) i can probably salvage my offers.

    All this is assuming that; A: I did write in the wrong numbers
    B: The examiners didnt realise and marked it for the wrong question
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    i called AQA, after about 10 mins i got through to someone who said theyd contact my examiner and tell him/her that i ment to answer the plate tectonics essay, the globalisation and developement and the weather and climate short answers =)

    after all that effort im starting to think i did label the answers right, but it doesnt matter now =P


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Updated: June 24, 2010
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