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Increasing pheromone levels?

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    Pheromones, for those of you who do not know what they are, are natural smells the body gives off to attract the opposite sex.

    There are a lot of dodgy websites out there if you type into a search engine about increasing pheromone levels, with unnatural supplements and illegal stuff. Nothing that tells a regular guy how to increase their pheromone levels in a natural way. So I have come to The Student Room for advice how do I increase my pheromone levels in a natural way so I can attract the opposite sex better? thanks for all help
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    If your primary concern in relation to your ability to attract a woman is the pheromones you're giving off, it might be time for you to address your personality.
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    ummm you cant! short answer pheromones are in sweat, but i would really not recommend sweating more to get more, the sweat would dry and youd just have B.O. haha. nobodys managed to get it into a perfume yet, but a study has shown that when female pigs smell a pheromone spray they automatically get into a sexual position. LOL. but yeah pheromones wouldnt do anything anyway, you can only detect them when youre under 20cm away from someone hope this helps..
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    try body language, tone of voice, eye contact, and confidence without arrogance, bro.
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    the simple answer is...WASH! then you'll attract ladies...we dont do BO guys unless you're a freak.

    there is evidence that Pheromones don't even exist

    But I find that when I don't wash my foreskin for 1 - 2 weeks I get a few looks from chicks, so maybe that can help
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    Just jizz into a cloth and wipe your body with it. Thank me later.


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Updated: July 4, 2010
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