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MP3/Memory Stick

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    Might be completely barking up the wrong tree but I'm looking for an MP3 player which can also be used as a memory stick/pen that will plug straight into USB drive. I'm looking for a memory stick with possibly 1GB memory but I've heard you can get MP3 players which will also hold word documents. etc...Or is it just the case that most MP3 players do this??

    Any advice would be much appreciated, as Im completely clueless!
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    Most mp3 players do this. I have one (memory stick type mp3 players) that can store music, word documents, and everything. I tried saving a text and HTML document on there before. One of my friends used to store stuff on his ipod!
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    you can store all types of files on an mp3 player...
    the only thing is that the player itself may not be able to 'play' them all...
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    Some players may ask you divide the player's memory into two: one for playable (music) files, one for everything else.

    You can get some flash-based ones at reasonable prices if you don't mind the brand name being obscure and Chinese. Otherwise last I checked a 1GB Creative was £80, and a 20GB Zen Touch £140.
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    usb mp3 players can hold other data other than mp3 files, you can put all your word documents etc on there as well, its will jsut decrease the amount of music you can hold on the mp3 player!
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    Ok thanx guys!
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    Yep, you can. My mp3 player has text reader.
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