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What is the worst film you have seen and why?

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    mega shark vs giant octopus

    end thread.
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    it was either sleepless in seattle or youve got mail, cant remeber which of the two it was but it was like 2 hours of my life i will never get back. what lies beneath was pretty boring, turned it off after about an hour cos i was so bored by it and my mum went to bed before that as she also couldnt be bothered with it. Alexander was pretty bad too. there have been others iv not been greatly impressed by, but those 3 are the main ones that spring to mind right now.
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    You have not seen a bad film until you have watched Mega Shark v Giant Octupus.

    I swear it's random bits of footage and bad actings retarded son. :facepalm2:

    Or Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.

    The shark growls ffs. :facepalm2:
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    Cabin Fever was pretty lame
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    Mortal Kombat, Catwoman, Norbit, The Hole, can't be arsed to think of anymore although there are hundreds of dire films out there.
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    (Original post by Best Superlative)
    B-but I loved Donnie Darko.

    The Hottie and the Nottie was pretty bad. Paris Hilton's "acting"...isn't. I have to agree with the dude who said Battlefield Earth though. Yeeeuck. >_<
    Awwwww I'm sorry if I upset you :p:
    It was years ago when I saw it, I might like it now.
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    Open Water :nothing:

    They have sex, go diving, boat leaves....2 hours later they're both dead.

    So ****.
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    the dragon ball z movie lol cringworthy to say atleast...also the first time i saw donnie darko..lol.however after a second viewing it was not as bad
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    The Mist. Its not the film quality at all, just the actual story itself. Steven King is a pretty good author, so the twist at the end is pure genious, but evil at that. I refuse to watch that film again
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    (Original post by Sakura-Chan)
    Patch Adams is an adorable film!

    Pretty much all the franchise "cash-in" sequels.

    Indiana Jones 4
    Die Hard 4
    Terminator 4

    All dreadful.
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    Transformers was utter garbage imo. Its just mass CGI (and of course Megan Fox), it's not an intelligent film at all, it has no emotional depth and I seriously fail to see how anyone can like it. It's the biggest representation of style over substance I have ever seen in cinema, although that seems to be a common theme nowadays in Hollywood.
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    (Original post by majmuns)

    Pretty much all the franchise "cash-in" sequels.

    Indiana Jones 4
    Die Hard 4
    Terminator 4

    All dreadful.
    Shrek 4? Its had sooo many poor reviews
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    (Original post by TheCrackFox)
    Mortal Kombat, Catwoman, Norbit, The Hole, can't be arsed to think of anymore although there are hundreds of dire films out there.
    the hole is kinda worth it because thora birch is in it
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    (Original post by Malik388)
    I was unfortunate enough to lay my eyes on 2012.

    I wished the world would end whilst I was watching that pathetic excuse for a film.

    Do share.
    meet the spartans. Such a terrible film.
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    "Fight ring"

    Saw it on a coach in Malaysia. Absolute garbage. Worst film ever. Ending is completely unrelated to the story ( aliens kidnap kung-fu guy ).
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    Star Trek Generations (yes, a bit geeky) but it was absolutely catastrophic.
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    Despite loving Snatch and Lock Stock, RocknRolla was a terrible ******* film!
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    Maid in Manhatten
    Angels & Demons
    Batman & Robin
    Star Wars prequels
    Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever
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    (Original post by philisfun)
    Shrek 4? Its had sooo many poor reviews
    I haven't seen it. Although I really wanted to, and now you've dashed my dreams *sniff*


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