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The most 'RAH' universities!!

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    (Original post by angrydanmarin)
    Newcastle? Leeds? Counsel houses spring to mind...not teapots and silver service.

    Unless the uni's are different
    A what house? That would be council. Say it with me, cown-sill. COUNCIL.

    You soft Southern *******.
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    Most decent unis are RAH unis these days. Uni costs a lot of money and the uni lifestyle if even more expensive, not really condusive to attracting lower and working class. Also factor in grade inflation.

    Many non-rahs save their money rather than handing it over to uni/pubs/clubs, and try to get jobs when they leave school/college. Many degrees are pretty useless these days (in terms of benefit : cost), uni is heavily about social life and contacts.
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    (Original post by js374)
    Bath and St Andrews
    really? or am i just blind lol
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    (Original post by angrydanmarin)
    Newcastle? Leeds? Counsel houses spring to mind...not teapots and silver service.

    Unless the uni's are different
    Leeds is a really nice city, very modern, clean, lots to do and see, great city centre, full of nice areas, very nice overall infact. Great student vibe; buzzing infact. I'd say London is a total ****hole, even the posh areas which are still unpleasant (in their own way).

    But the unis are totally independant to the city itself anyway; in it's own bubble, the vast majority of students are not from Leeds or from working class backgrounds. Uni really isn't catered to these types anymore (if ever? dunno).

    But I love Leeds, live in Leeds most of my life, and like the uni and the people there; even though many are 'RAH's'. They are nice and friendly RAH's and very open to all types of people IMO. No complaints.
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    (Original post by muffingg)
    Extremely Rah
    no way on Imperial and LSE. And none of the others seems an obvious choice for it. You seem only to be understanding RAH to mean academically prestigious.
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    (Original post by Conorrr9)
    Bring on Barth Uni next year!
    you don't know what you've let yourself in for, studying economics at bath is enough to you kill yourself :p:
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    ok first of all what the hell is RAH!!! i know im ignorant about that rah rah thingy that you guys are saying, but whatever, so anyone pls just tell me so i can get over this pls! :P i hate lady gaga!
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    (Original post by cambio wechsel)
    no way on Imperial and LSE. And none of the others seems an obvious choice for it. You seem only to be understanding RAH to mean academically prestigious.
    Imperial wasn't that RAH when I was there. I'd say Leeds is more RAH, for example (though Leeds is quite RAH!). Agreed with LSE; not that RAH either from what I saw. Internationals ... yes. Same with Imperial.
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    (Original post by kristinaalovesu)
    ok first of all what the hell is RAH!!! i know im ignorant about that rah rah thingy that you guys are saying, but whatever, so anyone pls just tell me so i can get over this pls! :P i hate lady gaga!
    RAHs are a (minority) subset of former public school students. I think the derivation was originally from "come on [team name], rah, rah, rah!", and the recent and back-formulated acronym "Rich ArseHole" doesn't really capture it.

    RAHs are conscious of their social status and will live up to a set of expectations: join the Conservative Association, do country sports. Exeter became popular in large part because it was somewhere that provided opportunity to haul your green wellies out on a regular basis. Word got around that "Exeter is a gentleman's university", such that a social exclusivity was born, you had to be of that class to know that if you didn't get into Oxbridge then Exeter was the thing, while another (and perhaps academically better) university really wasn't. And the idea gets consolidated by a birds of a feather circumstance.
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    Excuse my ignorance but isn't "RAAAAAH" more of ghetto greeting or sign of exclamation or astonishment than it is a term to describe the wealthy privileged class of students?
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    From what I've heard: Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Durham.

    But I have absolutely nothing to back up this opinion to be honest :yep:
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    Uh, Nottingham, hello? I saw so many, probably like 50%+ are rahs.
  13. Offline

    Exeter and Durham
  14. Offline

    For those asking what is a Rah my uni paper had this to say:
    Have you ever been studiously sitting in lectures, only to have a mass of backcombed hair obstruct your view of the screen? Have you ever walked along Parade and heard the “yah, yah” sounds of rah girls talking on their Blackberrys? Have you ever been shocked at the sight of seeing a Rah walking around in Jack Wills pjs and flip flops when it’s snowing?
    If so, don't worry, because you are not alone. The Rah population at Bath University is on the increase and is certainly starting to stir-up major friction within freshers halls this year.

    I suppose, at this point, I should probably make clear, to all those who are still feeling slightly confused, what a Rah actually is. Generally, they are those students who were privately educated and are normally seen sporting Jack Wills or Abercrombie & Fitch, big messy hair and a double-barreled surname. Girlrahs are commonly seen swishing their hair from side to side and flashing around daddy’s credit card. Manrahs are the guys who find it perfectly acceptable to pay £25+ for a pair of boxers and think that towel-whipping, communal showering and funneling beer into another guy’s mouth is as important to rugby as scoring a try.

    However, following the breaking news that Rahs have recently infiltrated the most northerly of northern universities, Newcastle, the Bath Rah population has begun causing quite an irritation this semester. There have been instances where Manrahs have been watching ‘Deal or No Deal’ and shouted at the TV, “…it’s only twenty bloody grand you commoner!” I even saw a Rah girl outside Woodland Court say, “I’m not spoilt, my daddy just loves me!”

    So if you are one of the victims of the Rah invasion, annoyed by their popped collars, holiday homes and dependence on daddy, I’m afraid the worst is yet to come. The number of Rahs on campus is rising, so you better get used to it dah-ling.
    ******************************** *****
    So, how Rah are you?
    If you are still unsure whether you qualify as a fully-fledged Rah, take the test below, counting the number of statements that apply to you.

    Girlrah (Grah)
    • You refer to your father as DADDY!!
    • You pronounce darling (dah-ling!)
    • The Jack Wills catalogue has become your new Bible.
    • You have a hairbrush, but what’s the point? Messy hair is cool.
    • You think that wearing multi-coloured scarves and pashminas is just so… now.
    • You constantly use “yah” instead of the more common “yes”.
    • You always flick your hair from left to right (mandatory).
    • You fancy Manrahs.

    • You wear your beanie half-off, sunglasses in lectures and flip-flops all year round.
    • You joined a sport/society just for the stash and then wear it for at least 6 days every week.
    • You were annoyed about the ban on fox hunting (damn rodents!)
    • You cannot help but pop your collar.
    • You think tweed is definitely back in fashion. Period.
    • You think opening a bottle of Dom Pérignon to celebrate exam results is just good taste.
    • You own an unthinkable number of gilets.
    • You fancy Grahs.

    Less than 3: Well, you are definitely not a rah
    3-5: You are well on your way to becoming infected with Rah-itus.
    6 or more: Dah-ling! Pour out the Pimms and get the Range Rover to Henley, you couldn’t be more of a Rah!
    Oh, and if your name is Percy, Hugo, Quentin or Arthur (male) Daisy, Poppy, Georgie or Hattie (female), then automatically add 3 ‘yes’ answers to your score. If your name is Tarquin, I suggest shooting yourself with daddy’s shotgun. Seriously.
    Apologies for those who have read this before as I have posted it elsewhere a while ago.
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    Newcastle, St Andrews, Oxbridge... That's just hearsay though, I'm not sure
  16. Offline

    Brookes has a few :lolwut:
  17. Offline

    Royal Agricultural College?
  18. Offline

    Basically - all the good uni's
  19. Offline

    (Original post by Byllie)
    Basically - all the good uni's

    Imperial, UCL, LSE, King's, Southampton and Manchester to mention a few unis are all places where the chances of finding such people are quiet relatively low.
  20. Offline

    I'm getting the impression the UCL is pretty RAH-free, which is good. I don't know much about these RAHs, but it doesn't sound like they're very pleasant people.


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