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What was the last film you watched?

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    Phantom Of The Oprea:cool:
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    Lost in translation - I've now fallen in love with scarlett johansson :love:
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    A Beautiful Mind on' telly
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    watched scooby doo 2 on TV earlier lol
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    (Original post by Lucas123)
    Phantom Of The Oprea:cool:
    Beautiful...I love it. (My friend fell asleep at the theater though.)

    She has a beautiful voice.

    Although the live musical is better.

    Oh, the last movie I saw was "Brothers Grimm" with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger..I forgot I watched that.
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    Beautiful Mind on BBC1 - makes you believe the character's story and then POW! - I think i'm loosing it too!! -> just like Fight Club!
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    Me and You and Everyone We Know at le cinema. Not bad, considering it's the director's debut.
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    *shamed to admit it but...* .... legally blonde, on last nite!!! oh the shame!
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    A series of unfortunate events, on DVD.
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    I watched a film last night containing Halle Barry! Oh my God - that woman is too nice.
    I never knew she did a nude scene in her movie carrer until now
    She was romping away like anything. I was literally drooling. Ok enough now.
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    The 40yr Old Virgin - very funny! Not quite as funny as Wedding Crashers though.
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    half of Charlotte Gray before realising I had watched it before lol

    Last whole film - Mona Lisa Smile, great stuff
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    (Original post by danjc)
    The 40yr Old Virgin - very funny!
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    (Original post by steerpike)
    Lost in translation - I've now fallen in love with scarlett johansson :love:

    Man with a Movie Camera, taped off BBC4 t'other night. Fantastic, really interesting. And the first twenty minutes of Monster's Ball last night, until I had to go and do something else.
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    American Beauty
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    erm angelas ashes for the second time, on channel four - ****ing class film like
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    big fish
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    "Closer" on dvd (with jude law,julia roberts) and boy, that sucked!
    It was so tedious
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    pulp fiction.... that basement scene is just... ah, it's bad.
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    The Longest Yard at the pictures last night ... was a good laugh, and Spiderman 2 tonight cuddled up at home with my bf
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