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    Hello All Buyer !

    I'm hacker and have some tools want to sell all buyer.

    - Fresh CCV (USA UK CA AU Inter EU).

    - USA Fullz Info (Name / Fullz Address / SSN / DOB / DL / Email / Phone) With many state.

    - Dumps Track 1/2 (With / Without Pin).

    - Paypal Account (UnVerify / Verify ).

    - Mail Pass.

    - Starbucks eGift Cards (25-30%).

    - Do Air Plane Ticket (40-50%)

    - Shipping TO USA

    - Exchange WU - WMZ - PM - BTC (10% fees).


    - No Test, No Minium. Have Demo.

    - All My Tools are checked before sell. Not happy = change.

    - I only use 1YH 1Gmail 1ICQ for work.

    - I Accept Payment PM(Perfect Money), WMZ(Web Money), BTC(Bitcoin), WU(Western Union), MG(Money Gram).

    - I'm looking for friendly buyer and long-term business. Make money + happy business together.

    - Hopefully I can find a good customer to do business together long tern .you will feel happy, confident and safe to work with me, it definitely.
    Customer satisfaction is my pleasure . you never try you never know .

    Contact me:


    ICQ : 675982025

    ----Thanks for read my post and hope to hear from you soon-----


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