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"Ish bin ein Bearleener!" You, too?

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    I created this threat because I was curios if any of my fellow TSR users have lived or are living in this wonderful city of Berlin... have you or are you applying to any universities in Great Britain, Germany or elsewhere? Have you been successful? Were there any problems you want us to avoid? What school did you go to or are currently attending?
    I myself are seventeen years old both born and raised in Berlin and at the moment attending the eleventh grade of Gymnasium Steglitz in Steglitz-Zehlendorf, (where Latin and Ancient Greek are compulsory subjects - you get an idea of our nerd level.) My LK’s are English and History. My grades are pretty good, and I am most interested in any history course at Oxford, UCL, SOAS and similar, but I am also considering the Free University Berlin, Heidelberg, Munich, and colleges in the US. Please share your story, I can’t wait to hear it. Schießt los!

    Hi JerseyGirl!

    I guess this is quite a late reply - only just stumbled onto this thread. I too live in Berlin! Yay, Berliners! (Well, I've been one for a few years now). I have a lot of friends at the Freie Universitaet and they seem to really like it! I've never actually studied here (I'm thinking of maybe doing my Masters here though), but I did live in a Studentendorf for a while as I couldn't find a flat, haha! So I practically feel like I was a student
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    The Freie Universität is really, really amazing. You should totally consider doing a Master's there. I'm sorry if I'm too curious, but for which subject would you apply?


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