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    This is the problem:

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    ...and this:

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    Ugh, judging a game from its beta. Almost every option in Reach will be customisable to suit anyway, so stop whining. If you care that much about perfect balance, wait for MLG to bring out a competitive ruleset and play that.
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    Just saw their releasing a limited number of Halo reach edition of the console, the console is what looks like matt silver + halo reach the game and 2 custom controller for £249.99 due to be released on the 14/09/2010 i so want one, DAM you student loan hurry up .


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    (Original post by Age_of_Innocence)
    Urgh really? That feature sounds pretty ****. Also if you've a shotgun and you blast someone then go for the immediate beat down, if they hit this lockdown button they'll be immune I take it?
    I haven't played the beta...from a few things I've read though it sounds like Reach is a Bungie version of Modern Warfare, with the little "perks" etc. Also, did I read someplace there is to be no battle rifle?
    The shotgun/beat down combo works if you're quick enough, as it takes a moment to activate the Armour Lock. It isn't really easy though, timing is everything because if you do it too early then they kill you as you leave it, and too late you'll be dead. Plus you opt how long to go into it for which is important as you can let go early to surprise them, or stay locked for as long as possible and hope a mate comes a long and lends you a hand.

    I found all the 'perks' to be pretty awesome in the beta.
    The sprint should never be underestimated as it can propel you towards a much needed kill or help you escape the end of your killing spree :P
    Invisibility is always awesome but you need to use it well to fool anyone properly.
    The jetpack I found to pretty much say "Everybody look at me I'm out of cover you have clear shots so shoot me".... but jetpacks! You may die... but at least you get to fly! :p:

    The Battle Rifle's still there though it doesn't have burst fire. I thought it worked really well...
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    You mean the DMR?
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    It's been a while :o: :p:
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    Loool your so late. :facepalm:
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    Bit late.

    Also 'matte' silver = grey The normal black console looks way better.
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    (Original post by Nayberay)
    Loool your so late. :facepalm:
    (Original post by FXX)
    Bit late.
    Also 'matte' silver = grey The normal black console looks way better.
    Lol yes im extremely late i was considering which console to get so i wasnt fully aware . Is anyone planning on getting it?
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    (Original post by Spexzzz)
    Lol yes im extremely late i was considering which console to get so i wasnt fully aware . Is anyone planning on getting it?
    I prefer the shiny black look, which is the normal 250GB edition.

    What I want to know is what the kinect bundles are going to be like...
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    looks epic!
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    (Original post by G8D)
    The ending is on Youtube..
    Yeah, have you seen it?
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    (Original post by G8D)
    I watched the first 10 seconds, twice. But I freaked out as my inner-geek was shouting at me.

    I'm going to get a non-gamer to watch it and tell me if it's epic :p:
    Haha! I wish I hadn't sold my XBOX now...
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    (Original post by chaz1992)
    lockdown is not a map. Lockdown is an option of something that you can have instead of invis, sprint or jet pack. When you sustain damage and are about to die, you simply press a button and you become indestructable for about 10 seconds. I got tired of people using it when they have a shotgun so when they come out of lockdown, you go for a beat down and they just shot gun you.
    Actually, Lockdown is a map. It's a custom FFA map of Construct on H3.

    What you're thinking of is Armor Lock. Some playlists won't even allow this AA. For example, in Slayer Pro you can only have Sprint, which is likely to be the case for MLG too. These Armor Abilities will just widen the skill gap anyway. The reason you don't like it is because it's new and you don't know how to react to someone using it. Hint: get behind them.

    Plus, the amount of customisation in Customs is unbelievable. You can alter the game to exactly your preference.
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    Looks nice but I'm not going to be trading in my Elite for it. I like the controllers though definitly...
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    So guys wheres the best place to preorder this from?
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    (Original post by Aeon Prince)
    So guys wheres the best place to preorder this from?
    Depends what you mean by best?

    Cheapest is here using the discount code FTSL15-1.

    Quickest is probably GAME.

    Edit: Best of both worlds; Argos have it cheaper than Tesco above, using the code XBOX15 and say they can guarantee delivery on release date.
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    Game has an exclusive chest-piece, if you care about that.


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