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Did you gain or lose weight during university + why

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  • View Poll Results: Did you lose or gain weight at Uni?
    I lost weight
    I gained weight
    I stayed the same

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    I've heard very different stories with this, some people gain a few stone, some lose some.

    So, did you lose or gain weight and university and why do you think you did so?
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    I swear there was a big thread on this earlier on?
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    I lost weight, but that was because I became vegan... so I think I'm an anomaly xx
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    Lost weight in first year as was a bit sickly, but then gained it in the last couple of years (so everything evened out).
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    Answer: Gained.
    Reason: I ate ****.
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    (Original post by AlexR.92)
    I swear there was a big thread on this earlier on?
    Similar thread but it didn't have a poll or a Why people gained/lost weight.
    Mods - if its too similar, feel free to delete it.
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    Lost weight: Forgot to eat, couldn't be bothered to cook, survived on toast and apples (and alcohol)
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    Fat fresher syndrome = fast food and beer. My weight was relatively stable but I enjoy cooking and hate fast food and I don't drink beer / lager.
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    Lost weight - probably down to taking up more running whilst at university.
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    I went from having no control over my diet at all to controlling all of it.

    I ate Oreos and chicken nuggets and chocolate... and drank like a fish.
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    Lost weight - Couldn't be bothered to cook, couldn't afford food, didn't have time/forgot to eat
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    Gained - Found a passion for cooking, and also wanted to bulk up.
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    Total rollercoaster. I had mono in the first half of my first year, so I lost about a stone in total just from that. Then I gained a few next semester. During second year, I lost a few kgs, then during exam period this year I gained another 2 kgs.
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    Gained a couple of stone. Not entirely sure why, possibly just a bit more growing up.
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    gained. mainly because i was in catered halls, so it was like an all you could eat buffet of not the healthiest food. however all came off straight away when i came home for summer. just lay off the fast food after the nights out & stick to low cal alcohol drinks, you should be okay.
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    All I ate for four years was frozen pizza and microwave curries :awesome:
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    3 weeks til results, these are the threads that appear :confused: :p:
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    Most people gain because their diets either remain the same or become worse as their exercise decreases (no more PE)
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    I lost it because when left to my own devices I don't eat much. I'm too lazy to cook anything substantial. My appetite tends to plummet when I'm stressed as well, so that affected things, and because I moved to London I walked around a lot more.
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    I gained weight due to increased alcohol intake. Like I barely drank before I went and then I went and drank 4/5 nights usually. And then we ate lots of fast food as well. Haha.


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