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What game are you currently playing?

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    (Original post by pongalo)
    I did them both about an hour ago (it was the ones in magic crafters and beast makers) but now i cant do Gnasty's loot level I can beat the last flying egg (well key) theif and then i can't get high enough to reach the last gems by the level exit, it's so frustrating
    I can probably help you with this one. I'm sure there's a video explaining how to do it. It's very easy once you know what to do. Just keep collecting keys.
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    (Original post by Barghest)
    I can probably help you with this one. I'm sure there's a video explaining how to do it. It's very easy once you know what to do. Just keep collecting keys.
    Ahh sweeet! i'll you tube it now ;D
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    Happy Wheels. It is ****ING EPIC!!!
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    SpaceOff for my iPhone!! Awesome - fast space invaders type shooter for two people on one phone. Massive rockets and music 69p

    You gotta try it !!!

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    (Original post by DaitaG)
    Words with friends! but its pretty much, you know, scrabble :P
    Yeah it's just the boards and points are a little different :P Addictive though!
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    GTA Episodes From Liberty City Stories (PS3)
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    Gears 3 still, I'm a massive fan of the Gears series. In fact, it's probably my favourite series of all time (definitely up there with the likes of Halo at least)

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    fifa 13

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    'How many pointless and timewasting threads can you look at in an hour?'
    Currently on 22.
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    Starting on Mass Effect, bought both on steam when they were on special offer. Enjoying the first one so far, despite not really knowing what I'm doing haha
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    Skyrim <3
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    I'm playing billiard blitz 2 - Snooker ( an internet game) at the moment.
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    Shogun 2 total war
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    Just downloaded Battle for Wesnoth. Seems pretty fun.
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    Skyrim currently doing the dark brotherhood quests again
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    Mass Effect 2

    And come Friday, Mass Effect 3

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    I've just completed Metal Gear Solid and am now working my way through Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

    Epic PS1 times. :yep:
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    I've just downloaded a GameBoy emulator and I'm playing Pokemon Leaf Green


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Updated: January 31, 2015
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