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What game are you currently playing?

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    (Original post by kratos90)
    Ditto. Bastards reset my level 87 for no reason.:mad:
    Ouch. I haven't bothered with Live for about a year now, I think I got to level 40 something but got bored. I managed to get in the top 100 for the week at one point in Gears 1 execution though :awesome:
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    Pokemon Heart Gold and Super Mario 64 DS.
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    Killzone 2 - PS3.

    But I YLOD two days ago, it will be repaired for next Sunday.

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    Oblivion & as always a selection of pokemon games
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    crysis/far cry 2 on the PC.
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    Mass Effect :love:
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    (Original post by Wesssty)
    CS 1.6 :shades:
    On steam?

    cs 1.6
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    (Original post by drayomide)
    Team Fortress 2
    Me too
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    Troll TSR forums.....

    not srs...

    Or am I ?

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    Fallout 3 on PC (with mods) - It looks amazing on my laptop - compared to the xbox anyway.
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    Football Manager.
    I am and will always be playing football manager.
    I like doing interviews. It makes me feel good about myself.
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    Today I've been playing LEGO Indiana Jones, because I gave up on it ages ago and felt like trying it again.
    I've been achievement whoring on Fable II a lot, too. And kinda playing MapleStory.
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    (Original post by t0m1991)
    That game is amazing<3
    Shame it only takes like 6hrs to get to the last evolution stage, then gets boring after that. :/
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    Mass Effect 2, 2nd playthrough on PC.

    ******* LOVE it
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    soldier front ohhh boy :yep:
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    starcraft 2
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    World of Warcraft
    So far I've quitted for life 3 times.
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    I think Halo 3 wins =D
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    (Original post by beci.please)
    Football Manager.
    I am and will always be playing football manager.
    I like doing interviews. It makes me feel good about myself.

    No way.


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Updated: May 30, 2016
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