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    Hi is there anything you can do without look stupid while sat at a desk to help lose a few pounds ? or even just burn off your dinner ? cheers
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    Haha, I need to go some deskerxise too... doing work experience sitting in front of a computer all day is so fustrating!
    Umm... try clenching your bum?
    Or squat over your chair so you aren't actually touching it?

    Both of those make me look stupid but if you're on your own it doesn't matter I suppose :P
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    If it was that simple then everyone would be slim. Its a myth you can do anything of value at your desk unless you sit on an exercise bike or something similar.
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    masturbate and/or kegels.
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    (Original post by Antonious Block)
    masturbate and/or kegels.
    Masturbating would just make you look silly... obviously you do this more sensible exercise instead:

    (Original post by HayleyFenton09)
    try clenching your bum?
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    Put your hands on the arms of your chairs and do push ups like that. :dontknow:
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    I definitely need to master the art of deskercise, sitting at work 12 hours a day is sapping my potential to be hench.

    Watching this thread
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    mines 8 hours at desk with a few wanders around the warehouse i have a chair with wheels so i pull my self towards the desk then push away just like rowing haha seems alot have the same problem
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    I tap my legs all day and clench my ass.

    It honestly does nothing for me. I suppose you can take a regular walk around the office or up stairs every few hours and take a nice walk at lunch?
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    You need some rig set up where, at a moments notice, you can swing down under your desk and then bench the whole thing.
    If that was too easy you could put weights in all the drawers

    How one would construct such I do not know :sad:
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    (Original post by Chrrye)
    You need some rig set up where, at a moments notice, you can swing down under your desk and then bench the whole thing.
    If that was too easy you could put weights in all the drawers

    How one would construct such I do not know :sad:
    That does it - I'm converting the coat-hanger into a squat rack, right now
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    hmmmm heard a few ideas and now of it sounds as appealing as sexercise ill just have to up my intake in that to accommodate
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    get up and go for a run
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    Get one of those desks you stand up at.

    Not much else you can do that's really any good.
    If possible get away from your desk every hour and walk around a bit, if there are any stairs run up them. It'll give you exercise and make you look as if you're important and need to be somewhere urgently.
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    Exercise your fingers - up, down, up, down. Ha.
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    If your life entails sitting at a desk 8 hours a day your going to have to take some "me" time in evenings or weekends to be getting the proper healthy exercise.

    Drink plenty of water during the day, so many people dont do this, it triggers fat burning, dont eat sugary snacks when your bored and keep a good posture. All these things are little steps to prevent lots of problems, not directly related to losing weight but hey, facts are your not going to lose much weight sitting on a chair! Try a powerball or something like that, looks cool and works out the hands and forearm, providing stress relief and helping your joints! If you work it fast enough (10000rpm) you'll soon break a sweat
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    If you're sitting on a chair with wheels, twist your hips from side to side.
    It might make you look a little silly, or just like a little kid.


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