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What film have you seen more times than any other?

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    Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring....get ready... 31 times
    Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers....26 times

    (Sad. I know)
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    I don't think that's sad, I haven't seen them near that many times but LOTR RULES.
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    LOTR Fellowship of the ring and return of the king, Troy - twice

    I never enjoy watching movies again and again - it's boring.
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    "Blood in Blood out"

    *Weeps at memories of one of the greatest movies hes ever watched*
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    Lock Stock and 2 Smoking barrels because i love it and it's just something really good to put on when i get home from a night out and don't feel like sleeping.
    Other than that Some Like It Hot, Mrs Doubtfire and Homeward Bound. I didn't have TV as in the aerial kind for 3 years when i lived in Belgium so i just used to watch those movies over and over again.
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    i forgot about Shrek
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    Clash of the Titans
    Wizard of Oz & Return to Oz
    The Great Escape
    Demolition Man
    Pulp Fiction

    All far too many times to count..
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    The (good) star wars, big lebowski, american beauty. I dont think there are any others ive watched too often.
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    Star Wars (all of them!!!)
    Shrek 1 and 2
    LOTR (all 3)
    Finding Nemo ( always on disney channel!)
    James Bond

    There are loads more but can't remember them ATM!
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    Probably Godzilla.
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    I've watched that a few times aswell, but when I was a kid I used to love watching The Mask- 'somebody stop me smokin':cool:
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    The Wizard of Oz and Meet Me in St Louis.

    I watched them religiously as a kid.
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    that has to be my best friends wedding (for personnal reasons) and Dirty Dancing. They are both great and i know the entire film script off by heart!!!
Updated: September 23, 2005
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