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ucas track login

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    is anyone still having difficulties logging in?
  2. Offline

    Me I give up.
  3. Offline

    yeah i get some ******** about server not responding.
  4. Offline

    It's probably just inundated with everyone hitting "login" at the same time. Used to happen on WoW a lot in the old patch days. :P
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    I got mine to refresh every 30 secs...i keep getting a blank page
  6. Online

    this is a joke, i need to know where i stand
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  8. Offline

    People I need to add my clearing choice but idk when the deadline for adding the choice is so the fact that track isn't loading up is making me anxious.Aaaargh!
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    mines stop working 2 gaah this is sooo anoyin!
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    ive managed to lgin but theres no update

    what should i do now?
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    (Original post by kodake180)
    ive managed to lgin but theres no update

    what should i do now?
    Do you mean both your firm and insurance are still conditional? Did you meet your offers?
  12. Offline

    yep but i havent met my offers...after speaking to the uni they said wait for up to a week so they can consider it still.

    wouldnt it be better to go into clearing ?
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    i got both my offer, but it didn't say successful, it said unconditional. also i cant log in to check if i need to accept anything
  14. Offline

    If people stopped spam clicking login, it would be fine. But everyone is panicked so it just ends up worse... I still can't login yet. I don't even know if a university has accepted me, i'm in a horrible position that i don't even want to login to check.
  15. Offline

    this is mad! i need to add my clearing choice before i run mad!!...thats when ucas decides to update itself and allow me...argh..


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