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UCL Philosophy Access Course - advice

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    I'm a mature student having completed my A level studies in 2005. As my grades are under the requirements ive been advised to take a years access course in order to start the real thaaang in 2011.

    Anyone had experience or completed the access course?

    Would love some feedback

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    Me! I have just finised my Access course (Humanaties) and am off to UON in September for Philosophy.

    I am not quite sure what you are asking? do you have any specific questions? If so I will be happy to try and help.
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    I've contacted admissions at UCL and they've informed me of the following in order to gain entry:

    "The standard entry requirements for Arts & Humanities programmes if you've taken an Access Course are to achieve the Diploma with the maximum award of 60 credits overall and 45 at level three. As a mature student, you might also be interviewed to best assess your suitability for the course."
    I'd like to get an idea of the workload in order to meet these requirements..i've had a browse online yet cant find any related info.

    how was the Art Hum diploma structured? %coursework %exams
    did you work Full Time as you studied? If so, how did you find that?
    did you enrol into a local college or take a foundation course at your university?

    I completed 1st year studying Film at manchester university in 2008, having a year out ive realised the money spent toward this course wasn;t at all cost effective.

    Heres hoping my passion for Philosophy and its supposed prestige will be enough for prospective employers!


    Yes they are the credits you need for the Diploma, which can now be awarded at either pass, merit or distinction. Some universities will specify a certain number of each, others are just happy with a pass. To be on the safe side I would contact the admissions tutor for the actual department as this can differ from the information you get from general enquiries.

    Nottingam University specified certain modules for the Philosophy degree, for instance I had to take both English Language and English Literature. I was interviewed and I also had to submit an essay that was set by their admissions tutor. I also made sure that my personal statement showed a real passion for the subject.

    I did the Access course "full time" at Chesterfield College which was 14.5 hours class contact time, and approx 20/25 hours self study per week, however I already had my maths (don't underestimate the need for maths when taking Philosophy) and english GCSE's and the level 2 credits so this was just for the 45 L3 credits.

    The assesment was a combination of essays, oral presentations and exams, I would say weighted towards essays in the main. I don't work, but I know people on my course who did: full time Access, work and 3 children, so it can be done if you are 100% diciplined.

    Philosophy is becoming more popular with employers, however most people take the degree for the love of the subject (you need to love it I believe it is quite rigorous!) , that is my intention, I am going to see where it takes me.

    I think that is everything, I hope it helps.

    i only have one passion and that is philosophy... and i really want to take it further... but due to family issues i havent been able to do anything about it... i am 20... and i really want to go to ucl to do philosophy... could you please give me some advice on which access course i can do at which college? and will i be considered a meture student at 20??? by the time im at uni in 2011 i will be 21... does that still count?

    Hi, Im a mature student, who completed a Humanties Access course to gain entry to UCl to study Philosophy and the History of Science and Social Studies. To be accepted I needed to gain 30 credits at Distinction and the remaining 30 at Merit. A strong personal statment, and natural at the interveiw and you will suceed.

    @ hassan,

    you're not considered a mature student until you hit 25. What aspect of philosophy interests you? If you compare ucl to King's modules, you will see King's has a much better structure and also offers a wider range of 3rd year modules.

    I don't know about access courses; I would consider doing an A Level or 2 if i had a year off


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