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Games technology Portsmouth. Anyone doing it? Anyone applying@'10? Reviews please :)

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    I don't know what I am interested which is why I definitely want to do a mixed course. I know its better to specialise but I don’t want to be stuck doing maths all day or drawing all week.

    Can someone please give me their opinion on the course, things like:
    Is the work load crazy?
    Any information on the Work placement
    Is the course enough to land you a job (Seeing as it is not very specific till year 2+)
    And most importantly.. Can someone with no idea of 3D modelling and basic skills in programming just jump in? Do they need a portfolio etc..:confused:

    Anything information is greatly appreciated. Plus who is going to apply in sept/oct of 2010?:p:
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    Well I applied for this course and starting it in september
    I found it was the best Game design/programing related course in UK with the best equipment available. They have also applied to be accredited by Skillset, so hopefully that will go well. University of Abertay Dundee is also highly amazing, but for me personally Portsmouth was closer to home and I loved the uni and the whole city.

    You are right about specialising in one thing, it's good for the gaming industry however it's so hard to get into it that you're better off with doing something a bit wider, but to be honest just doing game tech. is pretty specialist unlike doing media. You do get to try out everything in the first year- programing, pure art, graphics then usually by the end you will know what suits you and choose the path of graphics or programing to follow. I'm pretty sure for me it will be graphics, however my mind could change after trying everything out.

    Not sure about the workload as I haven't started the course yet but I'm sure it will require a lot of your time during units that you find difficult.

    Work placement year is optional but obviously better, some students find something- it's really up to you to phone studios and ask, spaces are very very limited and hard to get a paid placement, you do get a list of studios and numbers as I got told, so the tutors do try and help you out, but because of such competition some students really get nothing game related, but perhaps relevant to media/business programing or something. Theres also an option to spend the year setting up your own business that some students do by having a group of people working on their own little thing and getting some paid work done.

    The course can definately get you a job and I got told on the department day, some people in the past have been very lucky to get a guranteed job at a games studio after their placement year. So you can impress people during your placement and could even get a job right after you graduate which is fantastic. Some people set up their own business and do comissions for small companies, could be phone games or something. You just really have to work hard and put yourself out there, making lots of contacts and most importantly building up a strong portfolio.

    You don't need to have any skills in 3d modelling or programing, they teach everything right from the very bottom, so people who know it already will be bored and have no chance at improving much. There wasn't any interiews for the course, only personal statement through ucas so no need for portfolio unless they change it this year, however it's mainly the BA Game design courses that need portfolios and this one is BSc
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    Thank you very much! Very useful advice.info, I think i'l definately be seeing you next year unless things dont go well.
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    Good luck to you Make sure to visit the Open Day and Department Day for Game Tech. to make up your mind as it really helps! (Although I made my mind up the day I read Portsmouth's prospectus )
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    my boyfriend is going into his second year of games design at portsmouth and he loves it!
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    What grades are need for this course, the site says 200-260 but I'm interested to know what people were accepted with.
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    I've been accepted onto the course (starting this year), having studied only a BTEC in IT (National Diploma), and the minimum requirements i needed were Distinction and Merit x2.

    Hope that helps
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    (Original post by VoltageVB)
    What grades are need for this course, the site says 200-260 but I'm interested to know what people were accepted with.
    I got an offer of 280 UCAS points and as far as I've heard that's the most common offer.
    When I applied, the uni made a mistake and gave me offer in terms of BTEC saying I need Distinction and 2 Merits, so I had to email them and say that I do A-levels, so they apologised for their mistake and changed the offer to UCAS points

    It's really not much points compared to other subjects or unis, however for the course you need to be fairly smart as many people drop out because they only got into the course on low ucas points terms and thinking you get to play games for your degree- which is obviously not true.
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    280 is higher then most buiseness subjects, its just low for a bSc. Infact 280 is very high its ABB and not a lot of people pull that off.
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    I'm on this course. Going into second year so if you have a desire to succeed - you will!
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    Any full reviews of the course? What did people get in there first years?
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    To be honest, kinda exhausted from typing full reviews but heres a summary.

    Excellent course, turn up to everything, hand in on time, work on non-uni projects, be a team player, find a society, part time job + work hard = success.

    The ones who failed first year did none of the above.
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    Hi guys, this course is going to be my insurance with games computing at lincoln being firm. chose it because of the MCOMP option being available and i thought the way they taught it was better from what i was reading on the modules. saying that i haven't been to see portsmouth yet as i live about 5 hours drive away. Can i ask what made you choose a specific course over computer science?
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    I'm thinking of going there in september... not sure if I should put as firm Birmingham City or Portsmouth (same course). If there's anyone who could give me some info regarding this course please inbox me
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    (Original post by bEa(:)
    I'm thinking of going there in september... not sure if I should put as firm Birmingham City or Portsmouth (same course). If there's anyone who could give me some info regarding this course please inbox me
    I do the course now, Portsmouth is good for what it does. Not heard much from Portsmouth. There are some units that are arse and some people on the course are retarded but other then that the first year is easy.

    Message me and ask what you want. Can't guarantee a reply ASAP


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