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AS and A-Level maths and further maths resources thread

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    Got my paper back looking for the mark scheme if anyone has access to it? :P
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    Anyone got the AQA Elmwood Press papers?
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    I would really appreciate it if someone could upload this paper + mark scheme for urgent revisional purposes, I know this is a challenging paper, its certainly challenging to find thats for sure!
    Aqa by the way

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    hi could someone please help me with core 4 OCR (not mei), paper jan 2008, question 7(ii) the answer is (Pi)/2 - Ln (root 2) but I got (pi)/2 - 2Ln(root 2) i need help because i don't know why in the answer there is no '2' in front of the 'Ln'. I've done this question 3 times over and still keeping getting the same answer, please can someone help me as to where i am going wrong.
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    Can I suggest that you go on the Maths Forum

    Create a thread


    Post the full question
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    Does anyone have the Edexcel M2 Jan 2012 Examiner's Report?

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    (Original post by grimly)
    Could you possibly post or send me a link for the paper, seeing as it has been around a month after i was hoping you could issue it.
    I want it too
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    (Original post by OmnipotentOmelette)
    Does anyone have the Edexcel M2 Jan 2012 Examiner's Report?

    They can be found, along with all the other 2012 Question Papers & Mark Schemes for Edexcel maths papers at:


    I believe it has recently been updated.
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    I am also after the question papers
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    I am looking for the OCR A Level Mathematics papers and mark schemes for the Jan 2012 sitting in the following modules:

    • M1
    • C2
    • C3
    • D1
    • FP1
    • D2

    I would be really grateful if you have at least some of the papers and mark schemes listed above.

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    FP1. If you get any others can you let me know?
    Attached Files
  12. File Type: pdf FP1-JAN12-QP-4725.pdf (244.0 KB, 230 views)
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    me 3
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    i mean 4
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    does anyone have the january 2012 ocr mei c1, c2 or s1 exams?!

    thanks :]
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    I'm doing C1,,3,4 S1 and M1

    Next month and month after

    I'm on OCR (not mei)..
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    does anyone have to the mark schemes to the zigzag education edexcel fp2 topic tests? could you please send me them/post a link to them if you do?
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    hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could upload the Jan 2012 M1 OCR paper that we've sat. No one seemed to had it months ago so I'm guessing someone can possibly upload it now.
    thank you very much from :
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    Yup I do lemme noe when u want it
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    I have decided to re upload the papers again. I think the mocks are over by now. Btw i dnt have the mark schemes.
    Attached Files
  21. File Type: pdf 4751-01Jan12[2].pdf (245.8 KB, 914 views)
  22. File Type: pdf 4752-01Jan12[1].pdf (318.9 KB, 1299 views)
  23. File Type: pdf 4766-01Jan12[1].pdf (261.0 KB, 1093 views)
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    (Original post by aisha2568)
    Hi everyone

    For those who are doing ocr mei here are the papers C1 C2 AND S1

    Btw i need help on c2 the question is on january 2008 paper q11 part 3. I really need help with i would really appreciate it thank you
    hi could you please tell me where you got these papers from?
    i'm struggling to find ocr economics jan 2012 papers?


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