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AS and A-Level chemistry resources thread

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    does any1 have the past paper for the june 2010 foundation chemistry paper?


    any past papers for ISA's for the titration

    THANK YOU in advanced
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    Someone plzzzzzzzz upload the cd on rapid share or some thing
    i need the answers to the examination prblemss

    thankss x
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    does anyone got the june 2010 paper for ocr chemistry A... Need it urgently
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    I need to find the WJEC mark scheme for the CH4 June 2009 paper

    Thanks in advance
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    Does anyone know where i can get the june aqa 2010 chem1 question paper/mark scheme?

    Thanks x
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    same, i'm looking for it as well.
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    actually i just found it....but i have a sneaky suspicion you need it for your mocks?
    In which case, i suggest actually revising for it and not cheating yourself!
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    Does anyone knows a link to the file or has on their computer OCR Chemistry A 2010 June paper Rings, Polymers and Analysis.
    Also, old syllabus chemistry papers for OCR Unit No:2814 rings, polymers and spectroscopy past papers?

    I would really appreciate any help!

    Thanks!! :cool:
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    Had anyone got the mark schem?
    the paper can be found on this website http://www.school-portal.co.uk/Group...urceId=3293517

    but can not find the mark sheme? please urgent
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    anyone have a link to the june2010 f324 Chemistry paper??

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    Can someone Please link me to the January 2010 OCR A2 rings, polymers, and analysis paper? AsAP
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    Does anyone have any of the (A2) OCR "A" Chemistry F324? I have Jan 2010 and the Specimen, but thats it. I need all the others.

    Also, from the old syllabus which of the papers are relevant? What year do they start from and go up to?
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    i need the aqa chemistry june 2010 unit 1 paper urgently. please if anyone has it could you post a link
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    please if anyone has this paper or the mark scheme, could you please post a link or upload it, i would greatly appreciate any help.. thank you in advance
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    I was wondering if anyone had the following AEA papers:
    - 2002 (Paper & mark scheme)
    - 2003 (Paper only)
    - 2009 (Paper & mark scheme)

    Thanks in advance! (I do realise the AEA doens't exist anymore btw, but I would like to look at some questions)
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    help!i need OCR 2010 chemistry A levels past papers F324: Rings, Polymers and Analysis
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    If any1 has Mark Schemes for CCEA AS Chemistry from 2001 - 2006 please please please contact me! If you have past papers for those years can you please send them to me as well. I very need official mark schemes!

    THANK YOU!!!
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    Hi, for the AS exam last year, I was given by my teacher 2 or 3 sheets with a checklist of pretty much everything you needed to know. They were headed 'Check your knowledge and understanding' and found them incredibly useful.

    For the January, I'm doing the exam with the modules:
    • The Steel Story
    • What's in a Medicine?
    • The Materials Revolution
    • The Thread of Life

    I've got the 'Steel Story' checklist but I lost all the others unfortunately. I'm looking for them online but cannot seem to find them anywhere. Can anyone help me here?
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    oes anyone have the AQA chem unit 4 june 2010 paper/ markscheme ? please
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    If you please have this paper please send it me,
    Thankyou, Rezz5


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Updated: May 13, 2016
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