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AS and A-Level history resources thread

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    i am doing a2 and trying to find some past papers for the course 'from kaiser to fuhrer' for edexcel but cant find any. i have only managed to find one on the june 2010 paper but the all the others dont seem to have it. can someone please say where to look coz i must be overlooking something here, thanks.
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    anyone got notes on Stalins Russia 1924-1941 ?
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    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has the Edexcel History GCE Unit 1, Option D Examiners Report from June 2011 it's listed on the website but I can't get access to it because you need a teachers password and username!

    Does anyone either have a copy they can send me or a username and password I can use???

    Thank you!
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    (Original post by WH1892)
    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has the Edexcel History GCE Unit 1, Option D Examiners Report from June 2011 it's listed on the website but I can't get access to it because you need a teachers password and username!

    Does anyone either have a copy they can send me or a username and password I can use???

    Thank you!
    Hey, do you by any chance have that paper?
    If you do can you send it to me pleasee??

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    Hi everyone!
    I was wondering whether anyone has the AQA January 2012 Totalitarian Regimes paper..
    I need it soon, pleasee!!

    Thanks a lot!
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    Anyone know of any revision guides for OCR british history (Lloyd george, general strike, Baldwin and the conservatives ect.)?
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    Hi guys,
    I'm sitting the F1/F3 questions about Italian Unification and Fascist Italy.
    I was wondering if anyone had access to the January 2012 paper.
    See in my revision, I went through all the questions and picked out 13 questions and did essays on them.
    I'm hoping this is not too risky in that I thought I would just learn all these essay plans, but I wanted to see the January paper to see if say those questions came up, would I have sufficient knowledge?

    Even if anyone just knows the questions, that would still be much appreciated!

    Thank you
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    F1 – The Road to Unification: Italy, c1815–70
    1 Why did Piedmont become, and remain, the driving force towards closer Italian unity
    in the years 1848–61?
    (Total for Question 1 = 30 marks)
    2 To what extent can Italy be described as completely unified by 1870?
    (Total for Question 2 = 30 marks)

    F3 – The Collapse of the Liberal State and the Triumph of Fascism in Italy, 1896–1943
    5 How successful were Giolitti’s governments in promoting political stability in Italy in
    the years 1903–14?
    (Total for Question 5 = 30 marks)
    6 How far do you agree that the consolidation of Fascist power in Italy in the years
    1922–29 was mainly due to the use of force and intimidation?
    (Total for Question 6 = 30 marks)

    These ones?
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    Where can I find Edexcel History AS past papers please ???
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    Just wondering if anyone knows the questions that came up in January 2012 for the History AQA paper on Unit HIS1A - The Crusading Movement and the Latin East, 1095–1204? I am really desperate, the exam is tomorrow so I would be extremely grateful if someone could post an answer if they know!

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi wondering if anyone is doing the AQA exam- Britain 1815-1865 tomorrow ? Really dreading it !
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    anyone doing reign of Louis XIV? AQA? So nervous!! Definitely going to have to pick my marks on Causes and Events of AWI next week.
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    Who's doing The European reformation tomorrow and do you know how to answer the question and revision points.
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    Very very helpful site for any student studying History.

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    Thanks for this I'm taking votes for women in january! this will definitely help
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    Hey, does anybody have any advice on how to structure source-based questions for Unit 2 papers? I'm doing Indian independence (Option D), and I didn't know if anyone had advice on how to structure answers to the A and B questions? I'm not worried about the content, I have ages to learn everything I need to, but concerned about exam technique and how to organise the answers :/ Could use some help.
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    hi could anyone of you please put up a mark scheme official or unofficial it would be rather handy thank you.
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    Hi Guys! I currently am studying the French Revolution and Napoleonic Rule from 1776 -1830, and for Section B of the exam, we got to answer a question either on 'Why did the Constitutional monarchy fail during the years of 1790 -1792 OR we answer "Why did the Napoleonic Empire collapse in the year 1814?" this is a source question in which we receive 3 unseen sources all written by Historians but our teacher said that the exam board edexel want students to analyse the NOPA (Nature, Origin, Purpose and Audience) and say if the source is reliable or not. But the mark scheme has nothing to say that we are going to get marks for reliability and there is nothing you can say if the source is reliable or not because they all are historians and one can't be more reliable than another :/ this is so confusing, so I was going to ask...is there any of you out there who are doing this course of Option B1: France, Revolution and Restoration and been told about this for answering the second question in the exam.
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    (Original post by defuzion)
    I thought it went like this

    80% - A
    70% - B
    60% - C
    Is this for GCSE or AS? If it's GCSE the boundaries you've stated are prettymuch right. If it's AS though, it goes like this:
    90% - A
    80% - B
    70% - C
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    Anyone doing AS History (Changing role of Women and Nazi Germany and Unification of Germany)? If yes, make sure you always talk about the significance of an event of individual. When comparing the sources for the Women exam, challange the source. Who wrote it? When was it written? I got an A (83 marks) in Women exam and an A (80 marks) in the German Unification and Nazi Germany exam. For the Nazi Germant exam the questions often focus on the Nazi policies towards women/youth/economy or Jews. Or how the Nazi came to power.

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