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Drivers For My Packard Bell EasyNote SJ51

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    A few months ago I got a PB laptop and hated Vista because it would suck up all the resources and after a bit of multitasking, it would drag the system down to a halt. So I went ahead and reinstalled XP but then I found out the system "audio" drivers do not support XP. (I got everything else but the audio.)

    So recently I picked up a copy of W7 (I thought I'd be better then shytebox Vista) and installed it. The problem is, I can't seem to find my laptop drivers on PB's website... My laptop is NOT in their list. (what idiots.)

    Can anyone help me locate the:

    1) Network Drivers
    2) Graphics Drivers
    3) Audio Drivers
    4) MMC Drivers
    5) Webcam Drivers

    I really need my laptop ready for tommorow night, please please please someoen help! Thanks!
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    I don't see a SJ51 model... see for yourself. http://www.packardbell.co.uk/pb/en/GB/content/download
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    (Original post by spikeymike)
    I don't see a SJ51 model... see for yourself. http://www.packardbell.co.uk/pb/en/GB/content/download
    I... Know... That... Already.
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    windows 7 should install the drivers automatically. When I installed w7 on my laptop there was no need for me to install drivers. But for the camera you do need drivers which w7 doesn't install automatically.
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    (Original post by Remarqable M)
    windows 7 should install the drivers automatically.
    Nope, no network or graphic drivers. And useally a webcam icon would be in my computer, so no cam drivers installed.

    It's just weird how PB did not include a laptop they made in their driver list.
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    please please someone help....
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    Are you sure it isn't the SL51?
    I am sorry to ask the obvious, but I provide technical support on a number of sites and a lot of the time the time it is just people mis-reading something like this.

    Failing that, drivers from other models should be able to be piece together to build your system.
    Find a model with a similar tag and then narrow them down buy looks.
    You can then start patching from them, and you might need to put a bit of time into making sure they are the right drivers, but it will eventually work.

    I wouldn't start off with something like the Chipset, but you don't need that anyway.
    Install the Network driver from another comparable product - I can almost guarentee it will be the same (or it will be if you pick the rich alternative product).
    Just remember, if you install the wrong webcam driver it isn't actually going to blow up in your face - don't be too conservative.
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    (Original post by Fallen)
    Are you sure it isn't the SL51?
    Hi, nope, checked it and its defo SJ51. Google brings back results for the laptop itself, so its defo the right one. The full name is:

    "Easynote SJ51 Orion A"
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    No worries, I found the drivers from another site, going to try and install them now:

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    OK I have a new set of problems. I went onto the nvidia site to download the graphics drivers. My GPU is a 7000M/610M and on the Nvidia site I can't find the 7000M in the 7 series GO section.

    Any ideas?


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