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Medicine Resit Applicants' Success Stories?

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    (Original post by sarah :))
    Exeter firm keele insurance,
    gcses 1a* 7as 2bs
    as - bbbc
    a2 - a*ab
    ukcat 720 sjt top band

    Excellent excellent. Well done for pulling up your grades and not giving up. Good luck at Exeter. Join the freshens facebook

    Guys I'm in a really complicated situation.

    I am currently doing Maths, Economics, English Language & Literature and History for AS Levels but recently I've found so much interest in medicine after reading my sister's medical books. I know I have the option to do Medicine with foundation year but I don't think I have enough work experience to do it.

    Therefore, I am looking into resitting the whole year again and take sciences to do the standard 5 year medical course. What are your opinions about this? I'm also going to take English Literature, Religious Studies, Chemistry and Biology.

    Apply for the foundation year, it is a much better optional route. there is still a lot of competition when applying but unis dont like looking at 3 years


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Updated: May 24, 2014
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