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I've decided to do OCR A Level Psychology - any advice?

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    Any advice will be very much appriciated. Rep to the best answer
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    I'm changing from AQA to OCR this year. From what i've heard, there's 15 core studies that need to be learnt. People tend to say OCR is the most difficult board. That's all I really know.
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    I do OCR. Here's the breakdown of it;

    G542 - Core Studies - 70% - 2hr
    15 in total. 3 in each of these areas: Cognitive, Developmental, Physiological, Social and Individual Differences.
    The exam has three sections.
    Section A: Out of 60 - 15qu, one on each study
    Section B: Out of 36 - Choice of three studies, pick one and answer qu. A-F
    Section C: Out of 24 - Choice between 2 questions that have parts A-D, they will be based around the areas above or the psychodynamic or biological approach.

    G541 - Psychological Invstigations - 30% - 1hr
    4 techniques; Self-report, experiment, observation and correlation. You'll be asked about 3 of them.

    Ok, so basically, I think it's a good course and I enjoyed it. There is quite a bit of detail you need to know for the core studies though and some of the studies can be slightly confusing.
    Our teacher didn't put as much emphasis on the psychological investigations part, but I think that it's easier to revise.

    Hope this was of some use, not sure what else you really want to know but just ask or message me.
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    If you need any help throughout the year, PM me and i'll help.

    I'm in the 2.1% of boys who got an A* woooo!


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Updated: August 28, 2010
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