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Art Contextual Study

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    Im doing art A-Level and need to do a contextual study. I must of been asleep when they were explaining it but I have no idea what it entails so am totally stuck on what I am meant to write about?!! :confused:
    If anyone could give me any clue about what it involves and any example questions to do I would be SO grateful!
    Please reply soon need to tell what im doing tomorrow! :eek:
    Tassja Jade

    Contextual studies is for those parts of the art and design curriculum that embrace art history, aesthetic theories and the social, economical, political, religious and numerous other contexts within which the practice of art and design, exists, develops and fulfils its purposes.

    In short, it is the understanding of within the programme of study for art. that covers and focuses on the theoretical aspect of art in all its forms. You not only learn about the art itself, but also about things involved such as the time in which it was created. You may also cover the theories of Art and Design, examining the political and social influences that provide the backdrop to artistic production, and investigate the tools, materials and techniques used in that production.


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Updated: September 2, 2010
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