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When does Term 1 end? (question from an international student...)

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    I understand that RHUL says Term 1 ends December 10th, but does that mean all students are done then or is that period followed by exams and finals for courses that last just the one term?

    Understand I ask this question as an international coming from the U.S., so I am just looking to learn. That way I can also book my flight home after term in time before costs go up.

    Thanks for any help
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    It should mean that the term is fully over then. I do not go to that uni personally, but I believe that most uni exams are in January if you have them in winter (mine and other friends who go have them then), so I imagine they would be when you go back after your break. You are best emailing the uni to double check, but I can't see the uni students needing to be there for any reason if it is not inside the announced term dates- summer term does not generally end until the exam period is up, so I believe it is the same for the winter term.
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    It means everything is finished and all (well certainly Undergrad) students are done. A lot of courses only have exams roughly in may but those that have some earlier have them in january.


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Updated: September 1, 2010
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