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    This file (history.db) is 1200mb, thats insane, what the hell is it?
    why is it so big, can i reduce it? does it need to be that big.

    My laptop only has a 60gb HD and along with an ipods worth of music space is at a premimum.

    I tried a few searches but i couldn't find anything that helpful.

    All it is is a history of all the connections it's blocked/allowed. It's totally useless. To get rid of it (assuming you're using PeerGuardian2), open up PeerGuardian and click on 'View History'. Then click file, then click 'Clear Database'. Just do this one every couple of months to keep it a small file. Just deleted mine which was at 115MB. Also, under the 'Settings' tab of the main program, uncheck 'Log Allowed Connections' under the History heading, and that should keep the file smaller too.

    Hope that helps.

    is PG actually any use? im using it right now but im not really sure of its effectiveness

    Just look at the amount of connections it blocks when you start downloading a torrent or connect ot a P2P network. For me, it blocks 1000s a day, from companies like Time-Warner, Sony, AOL, etc. So I guess it must be pretty good.

    cheers syncmaster.

    Peerguardian blocks alot of stuff from 'china net' but it does reduce my download speeds quite alot too.

    Its got to be better than nothing though.

    You're welcome. Personally, I wouldn't be without PeerGuardian after I've seen how much it blocks.
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