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AS and A-Level arts and humanities resources thread

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    Does anyone have the June 2010 question paper and mark scheme? I desperately need this as I've every other past paper on the OCR website (twice!) and this is my last time to revise as the exam is on Monday. So if anyone has it, it would be amazing! Thanks
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    there's a list here.
    i know this thread is kinda old but just in case anyone stumbles across it as i have.
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    Lol jk nobody cares about general studies
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    LOOOL exactly
    its a waste of time, i used a comic strip to answer the essay questions should get me a mark or 2
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    Can someone please upload these papers as I'm struggling to find them.

    Thanks! +1 with it.
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    (Original post by EffKayy)
    Can someone please upload these papers as I'm struggling to find them.

    Thanks! +1 with it.
    You need a password to access it. Try scribd.
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    if any one has any of these papers, please upload it! I need this for revision!

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    hey does anyone know what the questions were on the religious studies paper RSS01 for January 2011 and do you have the specification for that?

    I am resiting this exam in May, got a C the last time need to get a higher grade

    need help!!! x
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    Can anyone get me the mark scheme for that year? I think the paper reference was 6GS02/1?
    Thank you
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    Im sorry but this whole thread made me crease. GS is so simple. You just have to know basic science and be able to know about current affairs. According to my teacher the AV referendum MAY come up but im not sure. Either way its all about knowing what the parties are. you could probably ask your school for some papers or go on the exam boards website, they usually do them. good luck x
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    General Studies June 2012

    How does one revise for this exam?
    Papers that is all? Solve past ones? :O
    Anyone stumble upon useful resources of tips you can part with?

    * Nevermind the opinion that it doesn't 'qualify' for much.
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    Okay, since Student Room has been fairly unhelpful with General Studies revision, I decided to share my notes, which I have uploaded here..


    Note# This is not an advert. Just a resource link.

    Hope it helps.
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    I need to analyse this source and one thing I really need help with is who is this more in favour of, the british or the indians? Or is it balanced?

    "'There was a sinister side to the British memory of the Mutiny, and one which would have repercussions in India and in other parts of the empire. Racial arrogance had been on the increase in India for at least a decade before the Mutiny, its spread being reflected in the everyday use of the word "nig***" for Indian, a term which, during the Mutiny, regularly appeared in print. From what they had read in the newspapers, supplemented by the more-or-less instantaneous memoirs and histories of the Mutiny, the British were presented with a story in which a people, hitherto believed capable of improvement, turned against their helpers in the most vicious manner imaginable. It was not just the Raj that had been attacked; the Revolt was an onslaught against everything the mid-Victorians cherished. Firing cannon balls at railway engines symbolised a wilful and irrational rejection of technical progress. The killing of women and children was a calculated assault on national moral values. Both suggests, at least to the cynical, that efforts at uplifting Indians had been misguided and were doomed, if not to failure, then to very limited success."

    From Lawrence James, Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India,
    published in 1997

    I need to analyse this source and I really need help with it. The basic questions I have to answer are regarding who, why, what, when, and where. And I would also like to is this on the side of the British or Indians or is it balanced.

    If someone could help me understand this passage, it would be very much appreciated.


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Updated: September 23, 2012
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